Friday, March 3, 2017


today, i took a look @ myself in a darkened glass doorway in town, which reflected my shape unto me, know what i mean? i didn't have access 2 a full*length mirror as i was getting ready, but i felt really good, so i left the house & bused on in. 

... my thighs, hips, booty, & arms are big; i am big. 
... my wrists, hands, feet, & teeth are small; 
my proportions r fascinating. 

i see so many ancestors in me. 

... i was reflecting 2*day on the magnitude of healing i've known by being here in costa rica. floating in the ocean 4 hours on end when i began coming here 5 years ago was wordless medicine. the jungle (i am based here now) teaches me blooming, surrender, lovelovelove, sisterhood, depth*beyond*depth. 

sometimes i revel @ this past. my past. whose past? 

... i ritually release what was, making space 4 the big life that is. just grateful 2 revel in the world @ this time in the name of art. feeling sweet & tired. i am a fierce fucking panther. u*r*2. don't forget, porfa. 

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