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i am FINALLY personally announcing (~ drumroll ~) the YO! YOGI HIP HOP YOGA RETREAT in THAILAND this may 3-13!! 

tropical*bliss, crystalline waters, & a golden opportunity to "next level" your creative, spiritual, & biz knowledge as artist &/or modern shaman!! calling all visionaries, yogis, hip*hop lovers, radicals, mermaids, & kind*cosmic*kittens to peep what Or_nah & UNDAKOVA of 
ultraculturalothers have brilliantly created!! 

these unique gurus r top*notch, super*intelligent, highly experienced experts in their respective ART + leadership fields, $$$$ssssoooo i encourage u 2 seize early bird pricing 
for the most radical retreat on the planet.

KATIE CERCONE, the colorful queen,

u will enjoy daily astral beast yoga, holistic hip hop ciphers, ecstatic dance, support from your new conscious peers, a digital detox +++ so much more!! i have the pleasure of presenting an inner*child (art therapy) workshop fueled by visions of orishas oshun and oya, which is guaranteed to be colorful & funky!! ***personally, i know that this retreat is gonna be deeply transformational 4 me, & it would be a dream come true to have u there with us!! ... & i sssooooo hope u will sign up!! 

start here: 
◇ OR ◇ contact me to get in on my personal mailing list 4 all the latest. 

i will soon be available 4 clarity calls 2 address all your q's + curiosities!! stay tuned 4 a build-up of announcements from me, kelly shaw willman, these next few days!! 


CHIEF UNDAKOVA, retreat leader,
with his bb boi KALI XION



^ & for fun, dat me w/ some berries ^
foto: @superyoublog
, aka: viktorija zenkova


Friday, October 27, 2017


thank you to michael preston of grow culture media for helping me to make some PROMO & ART material on the caribbean coast of costa rica. 

thank you also to everyone who donated through my art campaign (link below) ~ you paid for our work together. straight up. 

if my work speaks to you, plz consider donating and/or circulating my material.


kelly shaw willman, @kellyshawbunny (twitter)

$upport the artist:

peep the teaser below ~

Thursday, October 26, 2017

new/mind/ritualz (movement 10)

"kelly shaw willman's largest project to date, 'new/mind/ritualz,' launched in the spring of 2014; it is a 56-movement performance art piece that will be released one movement at a time until it is completed.

... the project's title alludes to a new 'mind space' coming forth for the artist, a rebirth of sorts, but before the wholeness of this rebirth can be embodied, a little story-telling (from/of the past) comes first ...

... new/mind/ritualz will ultimately explore memories, demonstrate moments of growth in the present, and invoke rituals of healing for the future."

in late june of 2017, i performed movement 10 of n/m/r in cocles, costa rica. 

for my artist's statement and project archives, go HERE.

support the artist: HERE

documentation: GROW CULTURE MEDIA

here is the sound (story-telling) that coincides with this movement of n/m/rSTORY-TELLING, CLICK HERE ~ i recommend that you watch the video below, then engage with the sound (story) while you look at the photos. 


k *

Sunday, October 22, 2017

vid$ from facebook

i broke-up w/ fb recently, but i've archived some of the vids i posted there (exclusively) back in thee day.

read more about my break-up with facebook : HERE : 

^ kitty love ^

^ lioness ^

^ silly ^

^ vid in SJ by cati ^

^ on-set for gandhi ^

^ on-set for gandhi ^

^ on-set for gandhi ^

^ twerk on plane, guatemala ^

Saturday, October 21, 2017

art archives: feb-june 2017

in this blog article, i will share my personal creative work since SOUL SEED GATHERING in guatemala this past february 2017, and through early june 2017.

so, soul seed gathering was dope. guatemala. 
mayan juju. 
so much learning.  

also, i gave my first live performance involving nudity. 

i am currently in the midst of an on-going performance art project, called, new/mind/ritualz, and this particular performance for an all-woman audience in guatemala allowed me to see + feel how i can expand upon + offer fuller movements of this project in the future. nudity will sometimes come into play: this detail is being deeply evaluated and decided upon ... though what will *always* come into play for my personal expressions is the use of my body and iconography to story-tell through the lens of (and loyalty to) experimental artistry as a movement.

* * * archives for new/mind/ritualzHERE

* * * my offerings in guatemala ~ 


listening 2 mayan elder women, foto: hana wolf

belly beading workshop, foto: hana wolf

pre-performance self-portrait

performance still, foto: hana wolf

post-performance, foto: chloe rae


headed down, headed home.
foto: rozanne

a portion of my performance can be viewed in the video below on vimeo.
*contains nudity*

before my performance @ SSG, i gave an informal talk about the movement known as FUTURE FEMINISM. this movement was founded by Sierra and Bianca Casady, the sisters of CocoRosie, in conjunction with Kembra Pfahler, Anohni, and Johanna Constantine. i am no expert or spokesperson (obvi) for the movement, but i have followed it, because each artist who is a part of it has gained my liking for their own bodies of work, and the levels @ which they thrive creatively. #inspirational. #WAYnextlevels. i will not in this blog article discuss @ depth the work of these artists or FUTURE FEMINISM ~ be coaxed to do so on your own if it pleases you.

: here is a reference to get you started :


CocoRosie, for/by: Revista

Kembra as Karen Black, photo: Walter Wlodarczyk

below are some of the future feminism tenets, etched upon rose quartz, which is the primary stone (crystal prowess) indicative of woman's womb wisdom and heart*softening as an action, a practice ~ 
no doubt an intentional choice on behalf of the artists.






each of these tenets were read to my audience pre-performance as points of reference and influence. there was resonance (conceptually and/or belief-wise) for the audience, which was demonstrated visibly with nods, and audibly as mmmhmmm's. :)

at SSG, i also spoke to a term (pre-performance) and in my belly-beading workshops called, AVAILABISM, which was created, is taught, and is practiced by Kembra Pfahler. in my own words, AVAILABISM means using what you have access to, what is available. for me, using beaches, jungle, and my upstairs balcony to make art makes sense ~ it's where i am, and doesn't require a purchase. using seashells, driftwood, glitter i pull out of my make-up bag vs. buying new stuff in town (sometimes i literally don't have the budget) are all examples of availabism. buying kiddo's toys @ the corner store that make noises for recording music are also so fun vs. buying high-tech equipment ~ don't get me wrong, both are great. :P 

... when i lead a workshop, i often bring my own mixed-up baggies of beads ~ the leftovers. if you look deeply enough, you will find pretty stones within ~ this is what i have available in the moment, and we enjoy and give thanks for it, the little hidden treasures. availabism can also be practiced with the body. how can i express through my body and with my body (movements or emotions) without fancy props and lighting, you know? what *is* available? a tree? a chair? the sunset? another person? work with it. be present with it. create in the moment ~ availabism encourages all of this ... 

... about Kembra's availabism: "In her art and music, Pfahler follows the philosophy of availabism—making the best of what’s available. This is apparent in the low tech props and homemade costumes the Girls of Karen Black don on stage and which fill Pfahler’s exhibition installations." Kembra's availabism also "dispels the antiquated notion that there is a hierarchy of artistic mediums."

* * * 

RECLAMATION is also a theme i spoke to @ SSG, and i will continue to speak to it throughout my career. here's what i know for now, angel ~ 

in these last two years of living on costa rica's caribbean coast, there has been a strong interpersonal pull re-ignited, or given new depth. in large part, the lush 
and strong presence of this land, its environmental+energetic (natural) tendency to shake shit up, spit a girl out, and ask her to stand more strongly, has everything to do with everything.

this pull i speak to is a re-dedication 

(an on-going dedication) 


which looks like:

* i am in a self-loving relationship between me and me; i reclaim this relationship as my priority.

* i reclaim my right to self-heal, to be the sweetest witch and mother to myself.

* there is nothing wrong with me. (repeat often.) i reclaim my humanness. 

* i enact my right to be treated well by others. sounds simple, but my greatest learning curve (accompanied by tender or hurt feelings) has been in this arena. 

* i reclaim my right to understand and choose healthy relationships with fellow humans; these bonds are rich, trustworthy, and long-lasting ~ and so it is.

* i reclaim my right to an inner-circle and an abundance of solitude. intimacy is gorgeous medicine, and so is my intentionally orchestrated alone-time.

* i reclaim my ancestor's wisdom by coming back to the earth and living more simply, quietly.

* i acknowledge my sexual awakening. i reclaim my body as my own. 

* i am defining my personal feminism. i reclaim my right to invent my own way.

* i dismantle shame and conditioning. by reclaiming my personal power and growing my voice, i am encouraging the collective to do so also ~ this is work from the inside out, and an on-going practice.

* i claim my right (my consent) to be seen and experienced as an artist, and in what forms and places, and how. *you* choose to view or not view said work ~ my intention is not one of imposition. : read more HERE :

* i embody and deny no part of my descent, the exploration of all shadows, wisely as is possible. in this way, i do not hesitate to speak about my sadness and rage, which are real, but not constant. i therefore reclaim my right to be whole, not just shiny and performative to please or peace-keep.

* i am ultimately rising into my divine female awakening, on my own terms, and in my own time. i accept that i will waiver. when i waiver, i cover myself in honey. i reclaim my right to bathe often in honey-rivers and pastel-oceans.

* i speak up about my experiences ~ not all are cute. i reclaim my right to speak to the whole of my experiences without approval; i trust myself. 

* i speak to the injustice i see in the world, not as a graceful expert, but as a delicate human. i reclaim my vision for peace often.

* i continue to exercise forgiveness of myself and others; this practice is on-going. i acknowledge my ability to make better choices now vs. then.

* * *

plz stay tuned for an up-coming post that speaks to my personal feminism + its naming. i will also speak to the death of my personal spirituality. my ideas about RECLAMATION are intertwined.  

* * *

i also want to speak to you about nudity in my work, which is a delicate topic for me right now, actually ... a topic that has delayed my publication of this particular blog article. sometimes i do not feel called to be nude in my work, and sometimes i honor that i do. of course, i have people who have asked me not to be nude (my mom, an ex) ... but every woman performance artist i admire has done so in her career. 

my sometimes-concern is that my expressions with be viewed as sinful, pornographic, or attention-based, particularly in a country whose traditional leanings are catholic and conservative. this location-based fact aside, what i'm invested in personally is pushing myself to be artful in ways that challenge my personal comfort in moments ~ i learn so much in doing so. 

i'm actually highly empathic and introverted, so getting naked for people isn't cute or easy necessarily, but it challenges me to step into my "BO$$-self," if you will. another side of me loves to twerk, wants to learn pole fitness, and has crushes on rappers. u know? #allOFme :P

additionally, i follow quite seamlessly the voices that spirit passes through my ears. when i made my first nude works in maine years ago, i was doing just this: obeying spirit's nudge to explore nudity ~ what would (does) making nude work teach me about myself, personal trauma, collective trauma, and self-healing as an art form?

view a past blog article on the topic of women's nudity in art : HERE 

lastly, i could write a book about how porn, dating apps, and tourism are destroying true love, but i'd rather make art about it. how can i ask, train, or coax an audience to view my body as a sacred object for art? how, in turn, do i combat the inevitable sexualization that comes with my experiments? in moments, i am choosing to be sexy and celebratory, of course, but always on my own terms, and with my own set of boundaries in place.

this is a topic that i will continue to touch upon. i've hardly broken the ice here. 

* * *
and now, i will approach the remainder of this article with primarily images and a little bit of video from recent performances. 

SIREN'S is an annual event that occurs in puerto viejo, costa rica, and i contributed some of my performance art rituals atop the music of Margot Day.

foto: Michael Preston 

foto: Michael Preston 

foto: Michael Preston 

foto: Manuel Pinto

... and back in brooklyn several months ago, i gave a performance (another experiment in-line with my on-going project, new/mind/ritualz) for an intimate group of supporters @ GAMBA.

statia & kelly in brooklyn

on my way to perform


kelly + basquiat

post-performance foto: statia

post-performance foto: steve narvaez

post-performance foto: statia

post-performance with christoph carr

a very very special thanks to new friend and fellow artist, steve narvaez, for creating these videos, xxoxxxxo.

for now, 

kelly shaw willman

original writings by ksw: copyright 2017-forever.


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