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🐚 ~ jumping right in, my little seashells ~ 🐚

the purpose of this blog article is to inform my audience that i spent some time updating my gofundme campaign a few nites ago. i am rallying for $700 in the next month+ to support travels to nyc for a supremely potent gallery-gig happening shortly after my 36th b*day this july. i will be installing a piece, and performing on opening nite.

fellow powerhouse creators. πŸŒŠ
reclaiming art spaces. 🌊

donation$ make all the difference in helping me forward.

plz view the campaign in-full by clicking HERE🍊

i was also recently asked by a friend what i am working on. i figured the best way to share with you what's going on is to literally copy and paste the google.doc i made for myself about thee #artlife. i've added some explanations that are not originally a part of the google.doc, b/c i realize there's not much point of reference for someone viewing this all for the first time. πŸ‡πŸ˜πŸ

so, be invited to read below for a kelly-style list of what is flowing, and when it will be available for the public, approximately. #arteporvida πŸŒΉπŸ„


kelly πŸŒΈπŸŒ΄πŸ’πŸ‘

p.s. it was strange (a month+ ago) to leave my base of costa rica behind; i'd been there 3+ full-time years. *and* for about 3 years *b4 that,* i had been spending @ least half of every year in CR, too ~ so, a dedicated portion of my time and heart were given to this tropical place ~ at first, with great innocence, captivation. i do still remain in central america, and am enjoying the private space of a breezy apartment in my secret-ish location thru early july. πŸ’œ

🌈 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 🌈


** preparing for EMINENT DOMAIN (july 12-14th) is a daily gig *** 🌈 (EMINENT DOMAIN is a reclamation-centered art show happening in a gallery space in nyc {chelsea} this summer. plz stay tuned for deets. ... "EMINENT DOMAIN occupies a major white box space in the heart of the commercial art world with a militantly utopic 'flash flood' of new media, live performance, and traditional visual art of every size and stripe, washing away old, derogative archetypes to tell another story about art, ritual, community, and the divine feminine mysteries ... the show is a curated selection of radical feminist art by female artists, eco-femmes, ghetto brujas, elders, queer/trans artists, and other magical gender nomads reclaiming their rightful space in the ART WORLD.")

** daily work on "111 therapies, phase 1" until complete *** 🌈 (this is an installation i am working on for EMINENT DOMAIN. full artist's statement, in-process/in-progress fotos + vids of the installation's creation, + images of my work in the gallery + press for the event shared as ready for the public.) 

** daily visioning/practice for EMINENT DOMAIN performance, titled, "new/mind/ritualz, movement 11" *** 🌈 (see the archives HERE for "new/mind/ritualz." my artist's statement for the project is accessible @ the top of the article, and so is a link to each movement that has been performed thus far.)

** daily research and writing for "diary of a meltdown" is a part of the creative preparation for EMINENT DOMAIN, too *** 🌈 ("diary of a meltdown in 11 movements," written and subsequently published 1 movement at a time, is my new blog project, which occurs in 11 total movements, or sections. it's the first project of its kind for me, speaking deeply and honestly about my past, about my experiences here in central america these last few years, about living with, healing, and better understanding Complex-PTSD. i will also express my personal philosophies on an array of topics from sex to friendship to family-pains to mental health + wellness to the voluntary killings + re-births of my personal spirituality.)

** best body, best mind, i trust myself, decisions by me

** daily time spent massaging thighs and breasts w/ handmade (coconut oil-based) therapies

** daily time spent loving-on my face w/ anti-aging serum

** complete “SIMPLE DAILIES,” a previously constructed list: exercise, sacred-time, SUN, art and $-progress

** "diary of a meltdown in 11 movements"
** initially a blog exclusive
** launch movement 1 in july or august, 2018
** note: deadline has shifted a bit. i find myself needing more time to round-out my thoughts and to experience/process (literally) the wild dreams i’ve been having @ night = filled with info. research is going really well ~ such a rewarding process, but one i must carefully pace so as to not overwhelm my emotional body.

** launch my personal feminism with its name and tenets
** initially a blog exclusive
** launch by late august
** feminism-zines for sale thru etsy and IG

** "new/mind/ritualz" as on-going thru movement 56 *** 🌈 (movement 11 offered @ EMINENT DOMAIN)

** short film, "we were baby armadillos"
** enter post-production by august or september 2018
** launch early 2019

still image from the film,
by: jesse artavia

🌈 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ πŸŒˆ

** artist's website, kai's hire (marketing outsourced)
** making all of social media more sleek in appearance
** social media growth, $-making // $-making guidance
** growing etsy, vending, boutique presence, and workshops
** CREATIVE-$, LOYAL to my$elf, my belief$, my VI$ION

** EP as professionally produced = 3 tracks and 1 bonus track.

** "111 therapies" as a project to elaborate upon: phase 2, 3, etc.
** phase 1 debuts @ EMINENT DOMAIN (july 2018) in nyc
** possibly just thru 11 phases total, each pushing scale (and quantity, possibly) of art relics // visual candy

** 11-hour performance art piece b4 2018 is over #durational


** personal marketing goals expanded upon in writing ~ kai’s hire (aforementioned)

** cohesive and unique artist’s website (aforementioned)

still image from the film,
by: jesse artavia


** gofundme goals // projects completed

** 1st solo art show (within the next 1-3 years)

** etsy = art prints, OG clothing, keep building #general, etc.

** focus on popular jewelry pieces =

** ear threads, triangle statement earrings
** front-facing hoops, crystal necklaces
** official mala line (small @ first)
** add something more sleek and pristine #jewelry
** possibly a collab // outsourced
** i see “minimal,” pretty chain

** creative presence internationally
** big life
** more gallery involvement, more art festivals, earn grants
** consider residencies
** develop my ability to give (stylistically unconventional) presentations 


** pole fitness and twerk @ the next levels

** keep up with spanish-speaking

** personal trainer desired


** i have conceived of a most beautiful “passion piece” that i will write, direct, and shamelessly appear in by the time i am 40. keep w/ my personal feminism, keep w/ the genre of experimental art. healthy and LOVE-based sexual expression ~ ~ ~ a short sex-art film, NOT FREAKING PORN, which i consciously boycotted months ago after my last sitting w/ mama ayahuasca. 

** affording // actualizing land and building a simple home by age 40 or earlier

** developing a stand-up comedy show around 30 minutes in-length about my life when the time feels right

** sidenote: i am developing proposals for 3 workshops: 1. belly-beading, an african women's tradition, w/ self-love and mental wellness elements intertwined, 2. an inner-child workshop fueled by visions of orishas oshun and oya for all ages and all peeps, 3. an art*therapy*infused super-fun workshop for kiddos with a separate offering for any female-identifying teen = a safe and honey-laced space with self-confidence teachings as the foundation. *** 🌈 PLUS, CLICK HERE for another recent article about my work, as well as info // beliefs about the concept of RECLAMATION, a theme central to my personal body of work ~ (contains nudity) 

Monday, May 7, 2018

away ~

Thursday, April 26, 2018


image below from my instagram.


thnx for this extra nudge, IKS ~ 
peep the pump HERE


"if every person who *liked* this image gave $10+, i'd meet my next mini GOFUNDME GOAL of $250+ towards airfare. (BIGGER DONATIONS = BIGGER MOVES!!) thank u 2 all who have supported over the years, hand over heart."


kelly shaw willman,

artista loyal

Monday, April 16, 2018

pump ^

for: kelly shaw willman's, "we were baby armadillos," a short film. foto: jesse artavia

sometimes, especially when so much is uncertain, and you bee re*training yourself to do life differently, it's nice to feel a gust of WHOLE-SOUL support, which is something i get 111% from dear UNDAKOVA (david) y high prieztezz or nah (katie;) it's distinct and special, the way they lead, offer stories, understanding, and radical new friendship. words fall short. i love them. ❤

there is still some time, bb'$, to help me forward in my travels. i will leave costa rica soon, but it will require some financial backing to make it to my final destination w/ the #squad reppin' #thailand. πŸ’™

thnx 4 this, darlings: "I know many of you are looking on at our Yo! Yogi HIP HOP YOGA Retreat in Thailand 2018 with shock and awe ... how are they doing this? Well, we're taking risks y'all, and we're literally clawing our way back to paradise each and every time because it's the lifestyle we want to create for our son and fellow artists. πŸ’›

Many of you express wanting to go, but the timing is not right ... maybe you are busy with other obligations, work, or family ... That being said, would you make a small contribution to make it possible for someone else? Knowing the Universe would pay you back for paying it forward? πŸ’š

Kelly is an artist that contacted us during the first retreat about her desire to take part, share, grow and boss-up with us in barefoot jungle paradise wielding the sword & tools of hip hop yoga. She's a prolific shamana alien witch ghetto bruja that currently resides in Costa Rica, and self-funds her art in addition to making amazing handmade belly-beads, charms and jewelry ... She's also been through a lot, and sharing her candid story of how she is empowering herself is part of her self*healing practice. Kelly will be coming on our retreat this year and offering an inner child workshop, but is having some turbulence getting her budget together to make the trip safely to our faraway island in Southern Thailand. We're not sponsored and we're a small start-up ourselves, leaning on community members like you to empower each other in turn. I know there are many great causes out there, BUT, If this intrigues you and you'd like to support her work and ours, check out her GOFUNDME w/ time*sensitive goals related to #THAILAND." 

FIND kelly shaw willman on INSTAGRAM. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ’œπŸ’œ

for: kelly shaw willman's, "we were baby armadillos," a short film. foto: jesse artavia

Thursday, April 12, 2018

we were baby armadillos

oya brings colorful, welcomed change ~

the kind of change preceded by storms. always.

this change is very new 4 me, & has risen from years of 

shadow-y. inner-werk. utterly painful. often private.

necessary, tho. sweet moments too. (where to begin?)

may i live into my choices with more emotional wisdom; this is no easy feat for your girl, kelly. i live with large feel$ ~ 

xtra pores of sensitivity. complicated history,

but the fattest hopes.

πŸ‘½ πŸ’‹ πŸ’• 🍊 πŸ„ 🌡 πŸ‹ 🐚

the purpose of this evening article is to share in the name of art. i will 1st, however, humbly ask support.

🍍 🍧 🍏 🌺 🐣 🐍 🐌 πŸ‹

#1. i have about 7-10 days (time-sensitive) to earn $400-$1000+ in donations to finance my up-coming departure from costa rica, back to NYC for a few days, & then onward to thailand. thru gofundme specifically, the goal is $400-500 towards THAILAND. outside of this platform, i am seeking about $1000 more as well ~ paypal donations, any patronage, small loans with repay plans. i encourage that instead of judging, lovingly reach out to learn more about my plans and opportunities for the remaining year, my goals for pure independence, and why i do not have what i need right now. i am also fully transparent about how funds are used, and can share my budget with you upon request, which serves as a proposal of expenses. 

** (note: paypal, unlike gofundme, does not deduct fees if you send to friends and family. it also arrives sooner ~ you can help me thru paypal by using my email address: ** local friends may also donate cash in exchange for art-gifts.

#2. below are still images from both the pacific and caribbean coasts of costa rica, where i began working on my debut, original short film, "we were baby armadillos," which tells my story of living with and continually healing C-PTSD. i speak up about machismo as an illness. i speak up about a recent abusive relationship and my exit from it. i perform rituals that honor the aesthetic of my work (as interdisciplinary performance artist) since 2005. i story-tell thru the voices of 11,678 women. the script wrote itself about 6-7 months ago, was fully erased intentionally, and now is being re-created. i am so excited to share this completed work with you in early 2019. 

still image of kelly shaw willman by john pierpont

still image of kelly shaw willman by john pierpont

still image of kelly shaw willman by john pierpont

still image of kelly shaw willman by john pierpont

* a little raw footage sneak-peak by john pierpont *

** NOTE: ALL FOOTAGE with john pierpont took place in playas del coco, guanacaste, costa rica. ALL FOOTAGE with jesse artavia (below) took place in playa negra in the talamanca (limΓ³n) region of costa rica, the caribbean coast. 

my irritability has been high, and i'm having tough dreams again. it was hard to share space, in spite of how much i love and trust my friend, jesse. he came to film with me for a few days very recently. i was able to break the ice by giving about 20+ minutes of vulnerable interviews (2 total) about poverty, sexual assault, among other delicate + real topics. i also told the story of one of my favorite caribbean women, who directly channels god. this is me, kelly shaw willman, in my playa negra apartment, on 4.10.2018. image: jesse artavia. πŸ‘„

pre-ritual. kelly shaw willman by jesse artavia

post-ritual. kelly shaw willman by jesse artavia

kelly shaw willman by jesse artavia

kelly shaw willman by jesse artavia

kelly shaw willman by jesse artavia

#3. i also wanted to announce that today through april 18, the majority of my etsy store, kelly's golden rose, is 50% off. my online store will then be closed for at least 1-2 months beginning on the 18th to focus on hopeful travel and my health. this is also a great time (and your last chance) to order custom belly*beads, an african women's tradition that remains my favorite adornment to create for women.

#4. i am also offering a VERY SPECIAL one-day discount of 50% off on ALL HANDMADE JEWELRY. both my local collection and etsy collection will be on display @ my apartment here in play negra this saturday. local friends, come on thru ~ ~ ~ you are also welcomed to offer 6000 colones in exchange for making something for yourself using my supplies: one strand of belly*beads or one fitted necklace.

#5. STAY TUNED: i am working on two new blog-exclusives. one is a project titled, "DIARY OF A MELTDOWN IN 11 MOVEMENTS," in which i speak to many of the topics i also address in my short film; it's quite personal, and pushes beyond my preferred aesthetic of experimental artistry by writing in a more blatant (confessional) fashion ~ it also incorporates lots of research and references for the reader. the other project is the naming and official launch of my personal feminism. i will have the 1st movement (of 11) and the feminism-launch coming @ you within MAY. πŸ’₯ πŸ’œ

#6. recently in nyc.

#7. recently in nyc.

good nite 4 now ~


kelly shaw willman 

πŸ’¦ πŸ’š πŸ’€ ❤ πŸ’« 🌱 πŸ‚ πŸ’ πŸ‘ πŸ‡ 🐚 πŸ‹

Monday, March 26, 2018


there is a lot moving thru me recently, but especially today.

so, i have decided to birth *MONDAY MOOD$,* which loosely offers-up what's brewing on planet-kelly. πŸ‘½ πŸ‘Ύ ❤

in more thorough forms, in the near future, i will go more deeply with all this, the "Greater This," namely within the bodies of 2 original blog projects = = = movement #1 of "diary of a meltdown in 11 movements." i will story-tell my **personal depths** in order to confidently ritualize my entry into a freer phase of life ~ ~ there is an additional intention interlaced: i'd like to be helpful to others, my women especially. 

... speaking-up is important. sharing our stories in a way that uniquely honors our experience is okay, in fact, it's necessary in these times. #divine #feminine #rising ... i will also (soon enough) debut my personal feminism, which has been brewing for a long while, likely many lifetimes ... its name will make you giggle, and its branches of proclamations + RECLAMATION(s,) will set your heart aflame, i trust. πŸ’« πŸ’œ πŸ’₯ ⚓ πŸŽ€ 🌴 πŸ“ πŸ’ πŸ… 🐍 🍬🍍🌹 πŸ’Ÿ πŸ’‹ πŸ’œ 🐘 🐎 🍰 🍊 🌸

.. no more stewing, time to brew change ..

more: i am nearly & quite officially to thee ::other side:: of what has been a 3-year **wild yet focused** exploration of my darkness, shadows, and dissent. this exploration has not come without its sweet moments, mind you. that's all for now, giggle. 😍 πŸ˜… πŸ˜ πŸ˜… πŸ˜ πŸ˜… πŸ˜ 

also!! i'm obsessed w/ this FREE (WOMEN ARTISTS) DOWNLOAD (MAGAZINE) via ALEXANDRA ARTS & ART511 ~ get it HERE for 30+ pages honoring amazing women artists, including my new & amazing boo, KATIE CERCONE, whose experimental essay **PLUS** interview with MELANIE BONAJO were fave features of mine. ... b/c INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'$ DAY iz e'rrrrrrryday, bitche$. πŸ’£ πŸ’£ πŸ’£

MELANIE BONAJO TO KATIE CERCONE in a **BOWL ME OVER MOMENT** #swoon = = = "There may be forms of feminism that seek empowerment through structures of power and wealth and all that which is mostly based on a glorification and commodification of the body and youth – elements that are patented. These are not fundamentally sustainable, core elements such as investing in caring relationships with each other, investing in clear communication with each other, investing in self-care and selflove, investing in reflection. A kind of study in these non-material, non-capitalizing realms of humanity. Every individual is obliged to educate themselves, and mostly that entails making a lot of mistakes. If you put yourself out there in a way that you think is empowering but for others is perceived as naΓ―ve or actually tapping into the system, the only thing we can do is give our view and then hopefully, support this person in her own empowerment and respect that journey." 


artista: Bunny Michael

p.s. kelly's golden rose on etsy as 50% off thru MARCH 30

p.s. bellybeads & mini wall decorations launch on MARCH 31 #NEWMERCH

p.s. u peepin' my excitement about THAILAND

p.s. my **self-designed art grant** remains active ~ ~ ~ a mere $200 allows me to get my bff, JESSE, here to film on the caribbean b4 i leave. #movingON^


kelly shaw willman 

πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ find me on INSTAGRAM πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦

+ + + a little sneak-peek from my in-progress short film, "we were baby armadillos." this bit #experiment #RAWfootage was captured by John Pierpont, copyright to john & kelly, alway$. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

THAILAND ~ join u$!!

!! you still have time to join us on the
πŸ’¦ πŸ’₯ 🌴 🌺 πŸ‹ πŸ™ 🐌 🌹 🌱 🐚

in our retreat video we walk you through
the barefoot jungle paradise where we’ll be
practicing. this gives you an insider’s look @
some of our sacred cipher work, & helps
you visualize the colorful, eclectic,
visionary vibe of the community we’re
building with on our intimate
crystalline cove in THAILAND.

in this video you’ll see how the Yo! Yogis
on our retreat re*set, re*kindle their
love affair with life,
connect to a supportive group of
peers, & re*center their values.
Yo! Yogis typically leave our retreat
full of creative inspiration,
ready to take a deep dive into
their life path & experience
more freedom, more abundance, &
more meaningful relationships. πŸŽ€ ⚓ πŸ”‘
as you can imagine, we’ve received tons
of emails expressing questions, struggles
& fears ~ about not having enough money,
not being able to take off work,
or simply being confused about
what will truly create the results you
want to see in your life. πŸ’œ

our retreat will dramatically overhaul your
life in the best way possible.

🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈
πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ 
🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊

Benefits of the 10-Day
Hip Hop Yoga Retreat
in Thailand:

* Physical & Digital Detox for overall well being, supporting optimal mental & physical performance.

* Defining a clear sense of purpose, intentionality & integrity with regards to your creative path. πŸ’Ž

* Greater earning potential as a
heart-centered change agent.

* An increased sense of self-worth &
stewardship of the earth. πŸ’™

* Increased confidence & S.W.A.A.G.
(Sustainable Worth, Affinity AND Goodness)
including a direct line to embodied, conscious speech.

* Master the art of dancing “like no one is watching,” & get your ROOT CHAKRA ON FLEEK. πŸ’Ž

* A desire to work together for positive
social change = bringing in the new paradigm.

* A commitment to daily spiritual
hygiene & bodily awareness. πŸ’™

* Greater sense of self in relationship
to community - meet others at your level
who will be there to push,
challenge & support you. ⚡ πŸ’Ž

* A tool-belt of creative self-care
& wellness activities. πŸ’™
click here to expedite your retreat sign-up,
or email:

kindly + really,
co-leader, artist, alien-angel
πŸ‘½ πŸ’‹ πŸ’•

art archives: feb-june 2017

in this blog article, i will share my personal creative work since  SOUL SEED GATHERING   in guatemala this past february 2017, and throug...