Wednesday, January 11, 2017


dear friend ~

in a focused 2-week gofundme campaign, i am rallying for $420 towards my trip to guatemala at the end of the month. check out this link for all the juicy details!!


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note : : : january 23, 2017 (checking back in) : : : 

the outpouring of donations to my gofundme campaign mean more than words can touch ~ it's all really timely and sweet to me, b/c the world needs art and friendship and support now more than ever. 

... and my asking has been answered with such kindness.

i will also share my budget (general) soon.

check out these links!


UPDATE : : : APRIL 26, 2017 : : :

it always takes longer to get crowdfunding updates and prizes out than i think it will, so, i thank u incredibly for your patience. all prizes, if not yet delivered locally in-person, will go out within the first week in may. i'm done with all your goodies, just needing to package and address. 

... and here is the very simplified version of how $ was used, which i committed to sharing with you. i raised $657 of $420. gofundme took 8%, or about $53. with the remaining $604 i used ~ 

$220 on lodging

$130 on transportation

$180 on art supplies

$100+ on food 

$50 on miscellaneous ~ which included a few toiletries, drops for an eye infection, and airport taxes. 

... this total comes to $680+. i used some funds that came "under the table" vs. through gofundme's link, for extra costs.

thank u so ~ 


kelly shaw willman *

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