Monday, December 12, 2016

a few thingz

i just wanted to share a few thingz (that are completed and/or up-coming) about my creative life, etc. my blog serves as an archive of experiences and art*centered*expressions, so i am simply "keeping note" if you will, by publishing this brief article. 

recently, ART BOREAL 4 GANDHI released a dope music video. i had the pleasure of being on-set in heredia (costa rica) the 1st day of shooting, and am stoked to support this gorg song w/ important messages within. what high vibes and rad team work ~ really a cool time!! #honored ... you will see me in the vid for a few moments @ the beginning. 

i am super*excited 2 have been selected as a scholarship recipient to the first SOUL SEED GATHERING in guatemala. feeling stoked to share space with fellow brujas, but above all, honestly, am elated to give a performance that marks my first fully*nude*public*work as part of my on-going project, new/mind/ritualz, which you can read about HERE. i have been provided a few opportunities lately in which *safe space* is made to express my raw, quirky, unconventional interests. thank u, sisterz, 4 nourishing my bravery. 

also very honored to be a scholarship recipient to a dope biz seminar (a first of its kind) lead by the brilliant adi shakti of PASSION YOGA SCHOOL. i *really* feel like this is gonna be "the tipping point" for taking my creative and financial life to the next*levez. is it MARCH yet? :P CHECK OUT THE SEMINAR HERE.

i wrote an 11-page art proposal over the course of two months recently that made me so strong and so vulnerable and so loca and so ready and so EVERYTHING. when it comes true (art funding) i will have a booty*load of new material for you. 

life is shifting incredibly. the jungle is nuts. i continue to learn (beyond wordz.)

stay tuned for "next-level artistry" alwayz. i have a lot on the horizon, and will share details more thoroughly around the new year itself. 

HINTS :: an artist's website, new etsy store offerings, a mini*experimental*jungle*opera, a performance art book, a short*film+music*vid taking place in brooklyn, and so on.


kelly shaw willman, artista *

from my "$elf-portz" series

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