photo by: carlos ramirez

photo by: carlos ramirez

Sunday, November 30, 2014

sneak-peak // intro

... "those who have a yoga practice or training in various healing modalities, ancient or more modern, know that there is this whole realm of 'non-speak.' you know this also if you are an artist, a mystic, a priestess, an empath, etc. my favorite band, cocorosie, sings, don't speak, i can hear you. breathe it in, please ~ these words are so gorgeous. for those of us practicing a more mystical approach to life and the art of 'self-study,' these lyrics likely strike you as quite special. while there is appropriateness in being more conventionally vocal or oriented with problem-solving and practicality, there is a golden vibe to life for those of us who dream, feel, and devote our high sensitivity to making beautiful things and beautiful connections, often wordless."

~ this is an excerpt from babybutterflies
an experimental art book by: 
kelly shaw willman, copyright 2014-forever. 

blue butterfly from roy's nature logbook on blogspot

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

push on ~

... thinking of marina abramovic in her film, the artist is present. in the beginning, she said something like, "people have called me crazy, have wanted me hospitalized, etc. ... and 40 years later, they're finally taking me seriously." 
i will never stop making and archiving my work ~ it's my gem*collection, my reason for pushing through life. i think of how many empaths, highly sensitive individuals, compassionate rebels, and artists are so easily (without a second thought) referred to as crazy ~ it's so much easier for people to label vs. really trying to understand. i def believe that part of a greater shift coming forth for the world pays much more respect to folks who create, bring healing, and lead w/ their wild heartz.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


in the world i am creating for myself, our dear ones do not take out "emotional backlog" on each other. instead, we voice our needs directly, are honest about what is challenging, and work through it somehow. i acknowledge that formulas (in relationship to spirit and communication) are not foolproof or even real, but from a space of consciousness (self-awareness) we can be better to and for each other, all the while moving forward our own issues, releasing them. i do not write these sorts of things as an authority who is perfectly practicing, but as a human who aspires for betterment always. #inprocess #gettingreal #circlegrowstighterinagoodway 

* * *

Monday, November 10, 2014


~ in honor of 11/11~

in my performance art, in my poetry collections, in my beading, and in other areas of my life, i work to honor the number 11. my performance art projects often feature 11 movements, my poetry collections are composed in units of 11, and so on ... i ritualize the number 11 for its representation of magic, high*vibes, and cosmic connectivity. that is all, kinda ... a girl's gotta have a few secret reasons all for herself. enjoy your 11/11!

photos: copyright ksw, 2010-forever.

Monday, November 3, 2014

her strange angels

her strange angels is a page i follow on facebook. a few sections from today's writings really struck me, and i wanted to share. find Sara La Rosa (of her strange angels) HERE

(please note that the quoted words below are originally Sara La Rosa's and should be credited as such. #creativeownership #copyright #respect 

* * *
"We can be okay with not knowing. For however long that takes. It's okay if it takes a long time.

We can Open to Grace, we can wait, we can allow holiness to infuse our discomfort, our confusion, and let those feelings be transformed into something that feeds life in us, sustains us, and moves us closer into the spiral, or further out, following a sacred current."

* * * 

i've heard several of the spiritual teachers i like say, "holding space," and while i've visualized/sensed what it means, the explanation below is thorough and incredibly lovely.

"May we always remember that there is a container that belongs to each one of us. It is a womb-space for spirit to germinate the divine, gestate holiness and give birth to new seasons within us. It carries the necessary room critical for decision-making, the choices we make for our life- big and small. It is always silent. It is made available to us through the act of Holding Space, by us or by another. It is made available to others we know, whether they are loved ones or acquaintances, or even strangers on our path- through the act of Holding Space.

Holding Space requires an intuitive knowledge of time- a deep understanding that what may seem like an adequate space of minutes, hours or months for one may not be so for the other. And most importantly, it demands that the one holding space for themselves or others do so without judgment as to the process or the outcome itself.

Perhaps this is one reason it is so hard to relinquish control- it means allowing for an unknown outcome. And make no mistake- Holding Space is, ultimately, a choice to relinquish control- over others, over our life, over what we perceive in this moment to be our destiny- in favor of what is truly meant to be."

* * * 

"What is sacred, what has meaning, what is pivotal to our growth as soulful beings is simply what we choose to see as such. We experience moments of synchronicity and serendipity, and if we let it, those moments infuse a fragrance of holiness about us that linger in our senses like the residual contentment of an intimate embrace. Those moments become the moments that we reflect back on when the mundane threatens to overtake our awareness and deflate our spirit. We remind ourselves that we are vital, we remember that we walk within divine footsteps, and we are comforted and encouraged to keep fighting the good fight."

Sunday, November 2, 2014

dear 2014,

you've been something else, yo. and today specifically, well, you've touched down like an unexpected tornado. kinda miraculous sometimes dat we keep survivin' this shit. today's largest lesson for me was in reaching out. in spite of loving these two peeps very much, i reached out initially to the two wrong ones. we come to learn how we prefer to be loved (softly, with good listening, w/ empathy, ease, and a shared lingo) ~ i am describing myself here, and how i prefer to be loved, yes. funny thing is, the two folks i reached to in the midst of an incredibly uncomfortable "freak out" today are folks i know better than to reach to. i know better. for over a year now, i have not gotten what i need from either of these people, and i look back, knowing how much we all care for each other, but i look back and see an immense amount of misunderstanding within both of these unions. i also look back and must take some responsibility for the fact that i reached in spite of sensing that the same result would occur ~ that i would need some comfort and deep understanding, and come out the other end feeling completely jumbled in my brain. so there it is. may this be the last time i reach to either of them on matters of the heart. it's sad ~ but it's okay. we are all doing our best, i hope.

so much has shifted within this year. needs. what it is we want to make happen in our own lives. 2015 is entirely about being safe and comfortable in our own nests. the basest of needs simply must be in place for us to generate "our next levels" insofar as business, creativity, continued healing, and love-attraction are concerned. as iterated by many spiritual folks i keep up with, 2014 has delivered us an incredible "breaking down" and "re-building" of our functionality, primarily on a spirit-level. it makes sense, then, that 2015 is going to give us more moments of marshmallows, ponies, and the goodness of nesting quietly ~ with our loves, with our art, with our purpose and the actions needed to bring it more largely into being. 

i am not going to write too much more here, because my intention is to put most of my writing*energy into babybutterflies, but i will say in closing, that i am working a lot on my acknowledgement of loyalty and its intense presence in my being. i acknowledge that i prefer loyalty to live equally in friendships, and that there is additionally an abundance of work to do around boundaries, letting go, and communicating. lastly, we deserve to be in touch with those who truly speak to our souls ~ those who address us as "fellow goddess" and say "thank you" for living as you do, rather than judging it. i am soooo grateful that after a stormy afternoon, i connected w/ a spirit*leader who gave me exactly what i needed, and vice versa, and i give thanks to my amazing former roomie who sent me a my little pony pic! that's just it, man.

2015, i need you. 2014, i need you to help me navigate your remainder gracefully and to forgive myself over and over and over again.


k *

photo by: jamie moroni

Thursday, October 30, 2014

fennec fox jewelz ~ LAUNCH!

thank you so much 2 those of you who checked out this collection and/or purchased from it these last few weeks. there were initially 60+ items displayed! i am going to work on a "revamp" now, and am therefore leaving just a few images up as examples of what i've been making. stay tuned for items on sale through etsy and in local shops throughout costa rica. for custom pieces or inquiries, email me:

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