photo by: carlos ramirez

photo by: carlos ramirez

Monday, September 15, 2014

sacred purpose

these words from jeff brown are pertinent ~ 
i wanted to share them.

"You are Sacred Purpose.

AND ... It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you about who you are. There is so much of that. This is your journey. Even those with the best of intentions, cannot know the path you are here to walk. The REAL journey is not one of adapting ourselves to someone else's vision, but instead, shaping who we are with our own two hands. ... it’s a personal decision, and it doesn’t have to be grandiose. Your purpose can be as simple as learning how to listen better, how to enjoy the moment without getting in your own way ... wherever the growing is, wherever you find genuine peace with your path, wherever you feel unmasked and genuinely real ... we are at the beginning of a new way, a way of being that is sourced in who we REALLY ARE, not our egoic face, not our survivalist face, not the false face of our hidden power, but the real face, the real path, the no bullshit-no hype-no pretense expression of WHO u REALLY ARE ... Your sacred purpose may be covered in dust, it may be HIDDEN FROM VIEW, but its still in there, sparkling with infinite possibility ..."

i like this writing for many reasons. namely, it makes me giggle, b/c i've been chanting to myself the last two days, "no more dust." love, k *

Sunday, September 14, 2014

new phases necklaces

new phases is here!

thank you to all who have supported my jewelry-making ventures in the past ~ earring*sales earned me a one-way ticket back home to costa rica b4 ~ 
* let's do it again *

instructions ::

1. let me know through facebook or email 
( which necklace you want. 
2. i will take it off the market.
3. you pay me through paypal ~ simple!

if you purchase a new phases necklace, treat it w/ care ~ it is delicate and should not be tugged on. all necklaces are long and clasp-less ~ they will slip on over your head and hit just below the chest-zone. necklaces have been cleared, blessed, are intended to soften your heart, and feature recycled relics. 


notes :: 

i have about 50 pairs of earrings made, so if you are ever looking for handmade gifts, hit me up ~ i can send pics along. i am also game for custom*designing pieces for peepz' b*days, holidays, etc. ~ email me.

1. power*piece, $12

2. lilac & black beads, turtle charm, $12
3. power*piece, $12

4. $12
5. gold arrow, silver key, bumble*bee-inspired, $12
6. goldstone squares, gold feather, $12
7. golden hedgehog, $12
8. rose quartz pendant, $13
9. colorful, dreamcatcher, $12
10. red stones, heart-key, $13
11. power*piece, $12
12. little golden heart, $12
13. $12
14. evil eye protector, $11

15. lilac beads, rainbow charm, $12
16. cherries, $12
17. amethyst pendant, $13


k *

Thursday, September 11, 2014

new/mind/ritualz xtra vidz

in preparation for new/mind/ritualz, i made a few vidz ~
they are experiments that may or may not make their way into the project. 
i am placing them here for archival purposes.
vidz are property of ksw, copyright 2014-forever.


k *




Tuesday, September 9, 2014

numerology ~ personal reference

giggling @ the pertinence of these points! 
(( ... reviewing my numerology ... ))

"However, as you are such an individualist, this insistence on listening to your hunches often make you appear irrational or even insane to others, that is, until the direction of your gut instincts pays off and all benefit." ... and, "Of all the numbers, you are the one that values individuality, privacy and ethics more than anything." ... and, "You are a master number, which means that you are more concerned with ideals and ethics, rather than practical or materialistic issues. Your preoccupation with the divine can sometimes make you appear a bit bizarre or spacey to others." ... and, "As an adult your probably still spend a great deal of time alone in the world of your incredible imagination." and ... "You are also graced with an astounding amount of courage. Like water you have the ability to wear down obstacles like water in a stream wears down a rock over a long period of time. Although you may appear unpredictable or unreliable to others you are actually a very complex individual who often harbors a clear vision of who they want to be and how they want to live in the future."

i've been working hard to assert these realities w/ others who wanna be my pal, lol! here's to less critiquing of each other and much more loving, acceptance, and forgiveness. put your brain to the side for just a moment, and feel from the inside out. :) #hearttalk

p.s. hit me up if you'd like a link 4 your own mini-numerology reading.

Monday, September 8, 2014

60*day re-set

ryan leier, cool yoga leader, gave a talk @ months ago that simply stated: 40 days. 40 days is the amount of time it takes to re-set something within and for yourself ~ cellularly, in your brain, in your spirit, in your heart. 

in honor of this concept, tomorrow, the first full day after the supermoon (which arrives this evening!) i will participate in a kind, loving, lighthearted 60*day re-set for myself. the language that comes forth in honor of this re-set is: 

* i'm taking over! i am in charge! don't push me around.
* mantra 1: i trust myself, i trust myself, i trust myself
* mantra 2: i am grounded, i am balanced, i am calm
* mantra 3: i am divinely guided, i am divinely protected
* mantra 4: i value ease, i value simplicity, i give thanks
((repeat dat shit 108x (plus some!) w/ mala beads!)) 

my 60*day re-set is in place to coax (within and outside of myself) lifted levels of confidence and a re-vamped setting for my body, mind, spirit, and emotional realm ~ it is time to move into a more empowered place in my life, $$.

i am soooo excited to have the following "daily jam" to tend to in these 60*days of re-set (and for the rest of time as part of my creative practice!) i have wanted to establish "dailiness" with myself for some time, and ...

the time is the time is the time is now!

kelly's daily-jam (ignited on 9.9.14 // 60*day re-set)

* empath shield
* yoga
* meditate
* exercise
* booty
* create
* sex
* laugh
* play
* dance

alas, my interactions w/ this "daily-jam" are personal, non-personal, mutable, and can be entirely self-propelled, winkwink, though loving soulmates can collaborate where possible, ahem. 

additionally, let it be known that while i am a person of much self-study and self-healing, this re-set extends beyond "the self." i believe that i will be a better friend, lover, and collaborator as this experiment expands ~ def part of the reason i am going for it. #giveback

* be a better grrrrrrlllll to all
* reel it in, train dat brain
* soften dat heart, blow some bubblez!

so, in 60 days, on 11.7.14, i will report back about my experiences. i chose 60 days vs. 40, b/c i simply believe i need more. xoxoxo ~


k *  

"Blame be gone. You designed it like that because of what you knew at the time; now you get the privilege of designing something else." ~ Elena Brower

Friday, September 5, 2014

moon-talk & miscelleanous

© Devany Wolfe
i thought this quote about monday's (in-coming) full moon in pisces (my moon is in pisces, so this is an especially rich weekend+ for me) was really neat+pertinent. (gonna share this quote in a bit, but i have other points to make b4! ... like this) ... i have been re-visiting my personality, tendencies, and compatibility w/ certain folks from an astrological standpoint as of late. having said this, note the link that i share in just a bit about our "destiny/being" based on our individual b*days ~ this link in particular solidified some "personal personality bits" that truly make sense for me. it is my hope that if you use this same link to read up about yourself, you will, as i did, find equally helpful/validating points about yourself. #selfstudy

while our sun signs are the primary indicators of our being, moon signs, ascendants, and our planets are all part and parcel too. for me, sun and moon can sometimes interchange or even take "full charge" based on our bleeding (women), the moon's phases, or for me personally, my proximity to our mother ocean. ... okay, here's the full moon quote that i dig: "Pisces women can be sweet, kind, and gentle or they can be fierce and fiery when emotionally triggered. At her best, she is the alpha and the omega of the zodiac as she has the wonder of the maiden, the strength of the mother and the wisdom and know-how of the crone." so, i consider myself to kinda be 2/3+ pisces right now, b/c my moon-energy is at the forefront with the full moon's near-arrival. i can promise all y'all that this quote is incredibly on-point for me. ... i have always wanted to be perceived as my truest-self (and my genuine b/f/f's "get" this) :: gracious, compassionate, good at listening, empathic through and through, and freaking sweet! ... but in thinking back lately to my last 3 romantic connections and some of my shifting or ended friendships, i have turned the "bitch factor" to the (almost) highest level in the moments i've felt unheard, disrespected, played, used, given mega mixed messages, or as above quoted, "emotionally triggered." none of this is to say that i didn't lend my own contributions (sometimes unconscious) to said shifts w/in these relationships ... #takeresponsibility

... so, this quote above was great! it prompted "friendship thoughts" for me, b/c shifts (or strengthening) of friendships has been perhaps one of the hottest topics in my life the last 3-4 years. i believe that our "true blues" perceive our highest self to be intact always, even if we bee havin' a hard time or a hard month, and b/c the true blues are so lovely themselves, they rarely see the fangs come out ~ we do not trigger each other; by choice we love, respect, support, and have developed a mindful means of having tough convos with each other. true blues understand that they have a choice to not emotionally trigger us and we are therefore always safe with one another ~ no holding back, no secrets, we're whole with each other b/c our foundation is compassionate ~ this is my relationship ideal, and given my own history and experiences, i know that i need it. i discussed w/ one of my b/f/f's yesterday that we both prefer (and i quote her!) "gentle love" ... plz do not confuse this with an inability to have tough convos or the presumption that we need shit "sugar coated." instead, we may need more time to process and determine how we feel after we've had an emotional or challenging time with others. assert your need for time and space however you need it, peeps; it is your right.

anywayyyyyyyyyy, lemme share this cool link with you ~ it is the one i referenced in paragraph 1 about our destiny/being based on our b*days: kelly's b*day ... (this link is for my birthday, but if you click on it, there is an option for you to view your own. thanks, jenn, 4 the share.) in this write-up about my b*day, july 10th, the points below are especially pertinent to me, and i share them not to be self-indulgent, but to instead invite those who read this blog-article to nod their heads "yes" in understanding me better.

"Thus an unusual personality emerges, one which can have drives toward worldly success yet frequently retreats into its own protected sphere."

"Because of their extreme sensitivity to what is going on around them they may prefer to keep a low profile and not call attention to their private life. However, when activity is required to further their career or simply to acquire what they need they will not hesitate to emerge in strength."

"Verbal talents are generally not highly developed in July 10 people. Most are quiet, preferring to observe and act at their own pace." #loliamawriter

and about monday's full moon, check out this link: mysticmamma


k *

Saturday, August 30, 2014

new/mind/ritualz 1

new/mind/ritualz is here ~ and right before summer shimmies on out! i wanted to share a bit more information with you that doesn't appear on my initial facebook-share of this project. the first movement consists of footage from last summer on a moody afternoon in montauk, NY. the footage was captured by max janoff, the video for n/m/r 1 was created by me, and i also made the track of sounds using my own voice and found-sounds on

my artist's statement is here: click me

plz consider following this project through its 55 other movements, each taking on more depth of story-telling. i am immensely hopeful for collaboration, and lastly admit that i have a ton to learn about video editing and various video programs. anyone willing to work with me from this angle, hit me up:

in the meantime, i have let my guard down about producing "perfect experimental vidz" right off the bat; i will embrace the development of my technical skills as the project grows.

thank you for your support ~


k *

view n/m/r 1 here: click me