foto: statia grossman, copyright 2016-forever

foto: statia grossman, copyright 2016-forever

Saturday, October 15, 2016


i want 2 be honest about sadness. yes, i wish to transform it, but i also do not wish to deny it. i've been going through it for a minute now, and it's confusing. i feel very alone. i deeply miss my best friends, my inner*circle, but i also understand that sometimes, a girl gotta face this stuff, and maybe just on her own in moments. i surrender to this day, to rest, to everything i feel. i do not wish for your sympathy, i do not want to be directed to links or opinions that might "help me," because now more than ever, i really really really feel like my own voice, my own tools are being asked to come forth more fiercely; i know myself. outside information is often too much. knowing instead that i am heard, that you believe i will rise, this is the best thing ~ this is what i need. the fotos shown here were taken originally by J-Art Photography, embellished by Kelly Shaw Willman to express, 

"i look into you, i give, but i cry a lot in private these days."

Thursday, September 29, 2016

everything, practically *

please note that this article contains nudity. please also note that this article is long-winded. please lastly note that this article became a sorta manifesta written by me to me. if there are angles that prove helpful to you, too cool. (basically, i pep*talked myself back into being me.) 
~ xoxxx, la artista, kelly shaw willman *

foto: statia grossman

"$elf-portz" #14 *feelings*

it's sorta funny. i set out to write these epic, organized blog articles sometimes, but really, it's that this one wants to be an exercise in flow ~ in sharing a diary*like, inner*world*on*display*sorta*reflection that honestly speaks to what i've been experiencing these last few months. ... and i've decided to approach it by trusting that all the things i've been observing + considering will find their way out, cuz abiding by bullet-note prompts doesn't feel cute right now, giggle. :P :P :P

so, here i go ... about ... everything, practically *

1. i've been thinking a lot about a time in the past (maine, united states, 2010*ish) in which i was first coaxed by spirit to make nude performance art. for me, *coaxed by spirit* means that a force and feeling (greater than me) asked that i channel healing though expression, that i fuse (conceptually) sweetness with dirt. 

i do not believe this remembering is an accident ~ on the contrary, it's incredibly timely and filled with symbolism, a message. as a being who lives a spiritual, eclectic (artist's) life, signs/dreams/words*unspoken all guide me as i need to be guided ~ i believe in this sorta thing, have experienced it since childhood, and am incessantly deepening my connection to an understanding of it all ~ visions and intuition playing a foundational part. reviewing images of this (first-time) nude art reminds me that i, in spite of having a considerably introverted and highly empathic personality, put it all out there (in my own way) when it comes to my artistry. 

"grunge*quest" ~ movement 1 (foto: janna o'shea)

i decided a long time ago that my own personal journey would be on display through the medium of performance art ~ that my stories, my progress, my setbacks, my ritualizing, my changeable aura ... would be made a public offering intended to bring an experience to viewers, evoking conversations that i participate in by making more art, and honoring along the way aesthetics i am loyal to: the genre of experimental art, diy/lo-fi stylings, and the *creative underground.* 

... i know that i was coaxed to make this nude art in the past to begin healing some raw personal trauma ... and i am coaxed to review this art now, because it reminds me that i did not question making it ~

* i got naked.

* i was brave. 
* and i endured harassing emails about said work, but kept the art public nonetheless. 

what about re-empowering all of this fierceness once again? 

what about going more deeply with my *divine masculine?* ... which to me means standing consistently in my confidence, not giving two hoots what anybody's gotta say about me, my work? what up, machete*yielding*warriorrrr? :P

"uphill invisible swimming" ~ movement 4

"uphill invisible swimming" ~ movement 5

"uphill invisible swimming" ~ movement 5

"uphill invisible swimming" ~ movement 4

i've been experiencing a pretty transformational phase the last 2-4 months of my life. to expand upon this proclamation means admitting i've been generally overwhelmed, depressed, nervous in my belly, i've allowed my plate to be too full, but quite interestingly, my life also sparkles brilliantly. my near*future is forming in a way i wholly adore, i have incredible friendships still and always, i live in costa rica, i am INSPIRED, and i KNOW that i'm aligning with my deeper purpose, my niche, my money-making.

2. let's remain on the topic of art for now. i've also been thinking *a lot* about a video from a favorite artist, BUNNY MICHAEL ~ SEE BELOW. i highly encourage you to watch the whole thing. her ideas in the beginning about being perceived through the lenses of egotism, narcissism, and delusion (by family, for example) have been coming up for me recently ... while there are brilliant reminders throughout this vid's entirety, the end also provides a gorgeous highlight ~ (skip thru if you must.) ... "dear artist, we need you. when you are living free, we feel like we can too." 

i needed to hear this ~ to be reminded that i am enough, to be reminded that in spite of coming from a place (with systems, conditioning) that does not readily understand or support artists, that keeps women down, i must keep forging the path for myself, for us. ... i have always known that i can do it, that i will make it in my own way, that my goals are worth pursuing ... and in living out these beliefs, believing that there is value in my expressions ... well, it doesn't mean that i am some gloating invaluable crazy person with too much self*interest.

3. so the moral of the story thus far? be fiercely true to you, to your unique vision. push boundaries if pushing boundaries pleases you. my art speaks to my own path/experience, but i also understand now its greater intention to uplift the divine feminine, to heal past generations of women, and to do so through a distinct*kelly*lens that empowers my own sexuality, my own feminism, my own participation in the community of sisterhood. ... there is def a 


a lil' 

... and i'm coming to realize i neither need nor hope anymore that my aesthetic will resonate with everyone ~ (this is my divine masculine at play!) ... this is also a new understanding that allows me to thrive without tip-toeing around imagined (or real) concerns coming from thee outside (looking in.) 

... i will expand upon all this in a separate/focused article, but one more point i will make here is that i observe and experience the objectification of women ~ a huge topic. i've been challenged to consider recently that in expressing myself in a sexy*style i am contributing to this problem ... to women being perceived as objects for men's viewing or fantasy-oriented pleasure. for me, what is at play in my personal expressions, is self*love and reclamation, no matter how bootylicious a performance image or vid may be. ... in eve ensler's "vagina monologues," one particular story speaks to a woman wearing a short skirt, and that it doesn't mean (there are dozens of examples provided) that she is inviting cat calls or mistreatment of any variety by baring legs. ... i am creating a safe (art) space to express myself as i please ... as a sacred entity with depth, depth! ... how does my creative message bring this depth to the forefront (or maybe sometimes just the periphery) whilst being real, sexy, tearful, vulnerable, human ~ anything i need to be; i explore this.

foto: statia grossman

foto: statia grossman

"uphill invisible swimming" ~ movement 6 (embellished)

4. ok, so i wanna create a little stylistic transition now and express more concisely some of the things i've been learning lately. a lot of this learning is distinctly tied to my new life in the south caribbean jungle of costa rica. without access to this particular community, i'd honestly not be learning as i am. 

ok, so mainly, i live amongst a whole crew of powerful women who are successful entrepreneurs; it's AMAZING. each woman has her own unique thing going on, and there is so much space for growth, heart*centered*money*making. i have recently realized that in order for me to really grow my creative business as i envision, i need to propose some financial backing, not much honestly, but enough to hatch my "next level." i say all of this to ultimately encourage you to do the same if you need it. is there a person, business, or crowdfunding platform that would help? i have learned so much about my own vision and goals by simply surrendering to this need. i am writing a proposal that is well-done, organized, smart, and i'm proud of it. so, 

* ask without expectation about an outcome. have plan b's and c's.

* my dear spiritual mentor, reverend saundra porter thomas, reminds me, "building your empire takes a team. your queendom needs support." again, ask. don't beat yourself up for needing help. financial backing is brilliant, so is excellent mentorship ~ pursue it, and maintain open communications throughout. i have gone so far as to publish spending reports online, because i wanted my indiegogo campaign (last year) to be transparent. "this is where each dollar went."

* keep yourself "in the know" about grants, residences, and opportunities to submit your work. you deserve the next, next, and next levels of your business/artistry. keep putting yourself out there. 

"$elf-portz" #16 *roses rise, promise*

* in being able to apply for the sorts of things mentioned in the "*" above, allow yourself a window several times a week to research and apply. artists really do need TIME. a friend of mine from canada who recently received a grant to write her children's book mentioned to me that in brussels, the government recognizes that artists need TIME, baths, daydream*space, time to be, time to heal, TIME, baths, baths! ... makes me sigh so happily that this offering exists in parts of the world.

5. niches. discoveries. what do i mean? in recently forming a proposal for some funding, i have discovered my own unique niche. it brings me back to being first an artist vs. a business person. 

i am an artist. 

and i've discovered also that there is nothing wrong with honoring my need to be alone a lot. with plenty of privacy and quietude, i feel the most balanced, the most safe, the most productive. when i do then decide to be a part of activities in the world, i am likely at my best. i notice an imbalance in myself when i've gone through brief "party girl" phases in my past, or when i try to have a "full calendar" vs. honoring the need to focus on myself.

also, i have a TON to learn about marketing. who can help me with this? i am blessed to attend a seminar in the new year that will help me to fuse artistry with business. from an expert. keep learning. discover your strengths, your niches, but be willing to admit where you need a teammate, or teaching.  

kelly's golden rose ~ foto: krista abramoff

6. patience. it can take 2-5 years to solidify a small business' functioning. i hear of people having quicker successes, which is awesome, but remember too, especially if you're operating mostly solo-like, you may need to relax into needing a bit more time. and again, how can your time be supported? (savings? grants?) i've also felt incredibly grateful for the abundance of information these brilliant women entrepreneurs i've referenced above share publicly. engage with it! sidenote: i'm not the only one who has needed to borrow $20 at the end of the month. i'm not the only who has run out of money! :P i am not the only one curious about learning more mantras and mudras. i'm not the only one who has mourned the loss of a friendship ~ women sharing these stories reminds me that my moment of struggle has been experienced by many before me. ... while i really do enjoy being reminded that i am not alone, i wish also to express (especially if you identify as an empath) to have plenty of time just for you, for just your voice and your vision. don't allow yourself to be too influenced by others' methodology, especially if you're feeling super*clear by your own unique offering. stand strong, you cutie sponge.

7. on perfectionism. i recently read a tweet that said something like, "be careful, you creatives, of the double-edged sword that is your perfectionism." i was bowled over, y'all. a bit of a related angle is that i've been feeling pretty self*conscious lately about my age, and not soooooo much because my crow's feet are like, "HELLO," but because some part of me feels like i should be more accomplished at age 34 than i am. for me personally, there are a few angles that help me to diffuse this. my 20's were rough. i am grateful to be alive. perhaps someday i will expand on this, but i have reminded myself lately that that decade was about becoming whole so that my life could pop *now,* when i'm more ... me. BUT! back to perfectionism, which plays a tightly*wound role in my life sometimes ~ i've been able to make friends with it lately, to recognize when it's too rigid, and therefore re-form its role. at the time i read this tweet, i needed it, cuz i'd been cycling through the shadowy stuff (which needs to be seen and experienced so that we can ultimately transform it) ... but i was like, "girl, really? wtf is this old*skool body dysmorphia? grrrllll, what is this paranoia about people not liking you?" i think i needed all of this to rear its head again so that i could say, "whoa. there is hardly space for you in my life anymore, mean thoughts." so, perfectionists of the world :: know that you can re*form anything that feels too tight into something that floats like this here gorgeous morpho butterfly ~

and i say this to you and to me ~ don't hesitate to reach out about the dark stuff. i think we try to tuck it away and handle it on our own a lot. your inner*circle will show up for you. 

8. have amazing b/f/f's. collect them like the golden gems they are. when i am DOWN, i have those girls who know exactly how to speak to me ... who realize i may struggle to know what i need and how to ask for it, but simply give me time ... and nudges like, "Hey love, I was thinking of you on my way into work this morning. And my thought for us was, 'right now we are being asked to deepen our connection to our own well of emotion and those little spirit whispers we get.' It's a lot, and it may require some intensive solitude. If you're being called into deeper solo time, you're doing the right thing by taking a step back right now." 

oshun altar in brooklyn by marissa arterberry

9. what do you realllllllllllllllllllllyy need? i need to not have neighbors. i need a living situation that feels incredibly peaceful. i need my self-care to be consistently intact. i need to make art everyday. i need more money, and it comes. if your needs are not being met and therefore come up in your mind*body*spirit on thee daily, buck up, talk it out, work it out, and make the changes, but be nice to you as you explore and enact "the how's."

10. as my friend, selvin, says, "paint it good." spend time with elders, storytellers, wisdom*keepers. they always bring you back. keep it positive as often as possible, but don't try to shush your human experience either.

foto: dawn d.

11. i am working on a totem pole of words in tattoo-form. i began with guiltless and forgiveness, and envision the next two as, unapologetic and shameless. remind yourself of what you're working on. surrender to the jungle. get back on the pony. giggle the next time you get bucked off. get mad the next time you get bucked off. take breaks from social media. take breaks from telephones. have deep convos with your boo. keep your daily rituals flowing. partake in community. take breaks from community. collect fallen flowers. ocean.

be amazing to you. 

"rule your own life on your own terms." ~ amber rose

angel*reader, gracias ~ k *

foto: krista abramoff

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


vi$ual experiments by la artista, 
kelly shaw willman, copyright 2016-forever. 
this project will consist of 111 images. 

#1 *star-child, alien-life*

#2 *sangre*

#3 *boca de oro as TV-still*

#4 *novia*

#5 *nom*

#6 *la cocina, domingo*

#7 *4 arhia, prie$tess*

#8 *en route* 

#9 *changuinola, panama*

#10 *fok me*

#11 *lluvia*

#12 *u can't shame me, gracias*

#13 *bad habit burial*

#14 *feelings*

#15 *alone-time*

#16 *roses rise, promise*

#17 *dandelion*

#18 *tears come after*

#19 *stainz*

#20 *within reach*

#21 *alien-alien*

Monday, September 19, 2016



recently, DIOSAS DE ARTE, a women's art collective co-founded by kelly shaw willman and hai phung tran here en el caribe sur de costa rica, hosted a poetry reading at one of our favorite local hangouts, CARIBEAN'S. the night featured thee poets listed above on the flier, as well as a few extras. an audience member, after hearing the poetry of the event, suggested that we also share it (a selection of 2 or so poems) in written form, so ~ ~ ~ here you go, xoooo *

p.s. i had some technical difficulties with the layout of this lovely article. there is some strange blocking behind some of the poems, and in spite of having two friends go into my blog to troubleshoot//attempt to fix, alas, we are still with "imperfections," to which i say, "whatevz." i've been plugging this article in for the last week, and wanna share it for its content, not its appearance. so, i am making the executive choice to let this one go in the name of poetry. :P

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

kelly shaw willman

if i said, "you can have ~
you are dangerous," ~
    you'd ~

(involuntary breathing) ~

breathe for the first time in all this time.
as in:   i'd never before ~ experienced your breath,
though i searched for it all those mornings ~

came up only with fossils and
a stubborn departure.

~ ~ ~ "we did the best we could." ~
   ~ (shape shifting wasn't in yet) … or,

"i want your skin to be my skin." …
~ (that remote trace) ~

your shark-face and tender rib.

~ kelly shaw willman

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

when you go, no matter how many, no matter the nails, fabrics, kittens, no matter, i feel a pull to be close again, like, always, even though we both are developing ours, independently. free spirits. grounded in potentiality, laser*beam visions, anchors, plantains, mountain*jungle*blooming*thingz.
~ kelly shaw willman

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

there is a baby*hello*kitty*professor (philosopher) upon my heart, like, living there. she stands no higher than ½ of your pinky finger, little thing. she carries a glowing strawberry at all times, a reminder that we should maintain a sense of sexiness, worry*less*ness, (feel me) ~ ~ ~ #strawberryart #strawberryheart

~ kelly shaw willman

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I Enter You (in 4 parts)

i enter you
and i see your roots
tangled deep in the earth.
the darkness becomes me,
i become again
all that i thought i was not,
and yet i did not die.
instead i re-collected parts
that long ago i cast aside
shamed by my own
ego’s light.

i walk in pieces
too afraid to accept
that perhaps i'm perfect
in all my imperfections.
i shamed you
and shamed myself
swaying from side to side.
i know nothing
and yet i AM.

i enter you
and i see my own prison
a self-imposed cell
four walls and a roof
but with floor open
to drop down deeper
into the abyss,
should i choose to go.

i understand now why
your words
need to cut me
so deep that the wound
releases my heart energy
back into the earth.
i needed to make room
for the world
for love
for me.

~ Hai Phung Tran

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Passive Activism

passive activism
social schisms
creating dissonance
in my psychic fields
i live outside
of your box
i live
in the trees
among the birds
and the bees
and i remember
memories of a soul
ever expanding
out into the world
that would rather
self detonate
than save a neighbor
we are neighbors
and lovers
and friends
and together
we hold each other up
to the truth
that we
are one
and so i live
among the trees
and the birds
and the bees
and stay outside
of your social box
your prison box
a cell
that no longer grows
is dead

~ Hai Phung Tran

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

David Knight

~ David Knight

~ David Knight

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mariska van Wijngaarden

Everything moves smoothly
Into desired places
Synchronicities rapidly build up
To a dazzling rainbowy state
Of clarity
Messages from the future
Clearly recognized

How can you then not

Celebrate each day ferociously
Wind, water, earth, sky eagerly
Accept the party invitation
Swirling with you
Like derwishes
Blending into the sweetest cocktail Life has to offer

Each breath, each heart beat
Each song sung by the soul
Ignites every bodily cell
A smile so huge
It devours the world
Life loved so intensely
You could burst

~ Mariska van Wijngaarden

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

With a last nod
We sail away from these shores
They have proved us right
The white ocean is awaiting us

Ploughed we have through
Mud, dirt, conditioning
When you appeared on the horizon
I was just rinsing of the last bits

Completely cleansed I smiled to you
Like a snake
Curling my consciousness
Around yours
Taking it all in
Checking it all out

Trembling I stared
In the crystal clear mirror
That you are of me
And I am of you
I saw the future

In this existence
We are so persistent
To let these shores disappear

I could not have asked
For a more suitable
Co Space Traveler

~ Mariska van Wijngaarden

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

~ Paul David Johnson

Firstly every color swirled
Beached whale Dark chocolate Common and ginger That naked Indian tree Or is it a burnt tourist? Chinese grocery Pita bread and hummus Chimuri or pan dulce Polyrhythms like Latin Jazz syncopated and counter Culture centered on diversity Freedom liberty and Pursuit of pleasure Gracias, chiao Bella Whappen hey there Halo Pura vida Mae One drop roots bluegrass Rondon is the flavor From Panamanian chiles To the soothing coconut Cream filled With all kinds of rare And uncatagorizable Textures and spices Aromas of burning leaves And ylang ylang Pati pati pati Banana bikes cruising In the middle of the Road go pro Sticks to the head Making memories Go viral Adventure zipping Through the tree tops Permaculture in action An organic mandala Spinning so fast Everything blends into A funny shade Howlers complain As dump trucks Full of gravel pass Mr sloth ponders Everyone is moving So fast Where is this place I call home?

~ Paul David Johnson

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Benjahmin Sur

biografia lirica

I never born


I swear

siempre estuve aki y siempre estare

en el espiral de lo que es

con mi cintura de estrellas

girando con la voz del eterno resplandor

I grow completamente iluminado

y soy el espejo que te mostrara tu propia luz

En el centro de mi nombre dios baila y rie

Soy un anillo de selva expandiendo el verde que salvara todas las almas

Este rostro que ves es el tuyo también

Unidos a un mismo cielo somos el azul de la eternidad

dibujando nuestra historia

Nunca moriré

Soy el sonido escondido en las constelaciones

por eso me encontraras siempre donde la vida es invencible

mientras la realidad baila cumbias y bullerengues

drum and bass, reggae o salsa music día y noche

me encontraras listo

para vibrar juntos

~ Benjahmin Sur

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here I am

Here I am dear

Abriendo soles sobre tu piel

Aki estoy

En medio de todas partes

Como un desierto de flores en los andes silenciosos bajo la Cruz del Sur

Estos poemas son el mapa de lo que nunca diremos

Porque tu y yo conocemos el misterio que no es negado a nadie

Así que chekale bien

I am just a child jugando en el paraíso

Without guilt and with full joy and happiness

Vendrás a jugar conmigo?


aki estoy

~ Benjahmin Sur

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wawi Amasha

Story Teller:

I am a story teller---
I tell the stories of my people,
the beautiful aspects of the African culture-
The powerful connection with nature,
the way of simplicity and community.

I am a story keeper,
the wisdom of our ancestors,
The power of our nature,
The magic of our continent
The gift we are to the world
Because Africa is the answer
Africa is the future!
~ Wawi Amasha

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


That's how life is
It comes and goes
Don't you mind it
Enjoy your moments
For they are sacred

Some search everywhere
Wondering where they belong
They have long forgotten
That they are the belonging

Yet everywhere they go
There they are
If only they were present
They would know this truth

Enjoy your moments
Each is sacred
This is the belonging
This is life
~ Wawi Amasha