foto: statia grossman, copyright 2016-forever

foto: statia grossman, copyright 2016-forever

Saturday, March 26, 2016

new/mind/ritualz (movement 6)

new/mind/ritualz (movement 6) is here - - - it is an offering of still imagery as performance art. my dear friend, statia grossman, is the photographer who so graciously assisted in this collab.

i invite you to check out (below) the archive for new/mind/ritualz - - - in doing so, you can read my artist's statement, and watch movements that have come before #6.

ultimately, i am unfolding a lot of little ritualz, aka: heart*magic, healing*juju, original visionz ... a story that comes together bit by bit to form a larger offering of re*birth and experiential "life-waves" + progress. 

new/mind/ritualz archive :: HERE

check out statia's instagram :: HERE

"each movement will vary in length and content, and will be documented through video, still images, and self-portraiture."

concepts (in no particular order) :: alien-life, the artist as "alien," the divine feminine, iconographic offerings, healing*connectivity with nature, listening to angels, reclamation of sexuality+self-love+body positivity, and lastly, that which is ugly/abandoned being infused with beauty - - - we found a dope abandoned pink hotel, floors covered in filth, and made some magic there, for example.

iconography :: glitter, magical jewelry, blue*mouth*situations, feathers, crystals, tinsel, mirrors, a "supermodel" sign rescued from the trash, etc.

thank u for taking the time to experience my art.

kelly shaw willman *


Friday, October 30, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 29

10.30.15 ~

blue wings ^ (cobalt)

~ flitting to the diosa-arena ~

(there are 2 more,   more than 2)

* + some obsessions fading ~

< < no thnx 2 him > > 

       ... when fields dry up, 
       the little ones come out ~
       morning   (fresh/fierce) 
          shiny brain*spells 
             ~ (gracias, neruda. 
             gracias, some memories) ~   and

 we rest there, rest ~   in 
 the spells ...   with earrings on,

 with crystals beneath our seat, too.   

   ( moss/crystals/sangre/crystals )   *


Saturday, October 24, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 28

10.23.15 ~ 

shortly after dreaming that amber rose and i went on a fun-filled rafting trip together, i had an insane fever that kept me down all weekend. my mind visited wildcrazyweird places; my body felt bruised   from   the inside out ::                               (zombie,     fainting,  swollen scars.) 

the next night, i dreamed of a queenly woman who had outlines of gold around a few of her teeth.    we danced.      then suddenly, there were just eleven days and a field full of yellow*white butterflies remaining.   i wondered,   where had my focus gone?   and i felt a little badly ... but i remembered that   you 

   wanted me to feel this way, 
   and i said, nah,
   ... ate pineapple ~ ~ ~ headed   **home**
                                                       on horseback.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

halloween-day jewelry event


just a few days before my move to another beautiful region of costa rica, i would like to throw a local jewelry party!! 

... i have some great new supplies, and intend to showcase some "next level" designs ~ (and in nice timing for those thinking ahead to the wintry holidays, hint hint!! #christmas #giggle) 

on halloween day (saturday, october 31st) from noon-6, i will have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, beaded footwear, waist beads, hand-adornment (see image below,) and wall hangings available. 

WHERE:: Lisa Bradshaw's Lab @ Botánica Tropical Natural Body Care, Camino a Ocotal, 2 km del cruce en Playas del Coco, Guanacaste.

... i am working on two collections ~

1. **beach babe** (my staple collection ~ affordable, flirty, fun, unique)

2. **la colección diosa** (you will be getting a "sneak peak" of this very artful new collection before its official launch on my etsy store!!)

^ i will have some **spooky** items available for those who wanna go the extra mile when they go out on halloween night ~ DAY 0F THE DEAD BEADS WILL BE FEATURED ... #funwithskeletons

^ come dressed in costume for a chance to win a wall hanging!!

^ feel free to hang for awhile. bring yourself a glass of wine. give me your feedback. place custom orders. bring friends. hug.

see u soon!!

p.s. stay tuned for my "super-official business launch," which will be marked by etsy store's birth before 2015 is outta here.

   kelly *



Friday, October 16, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 27

10.16.15 ~ 

u r ok?           maybe a player. 

   ... guilt rests where? ( ( ^


Saturday, October 10, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 26

10.9.2015 ~

two small toucans,
4 neon mariposas,
re-connection w/ darling r. stevie moore,
   ((#luvbomb, secret files)) +
           lost keys and core-sighs ...
 ... porch-time w/ saundra, 
 cuz we are in this together ~

   *and* i just wanna eat cake!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"new/mind/ritualz" archive (chronological)

"kelly's largest project to date, "new/mind/ritualz," launched in the spring of 2014; it is a 56-movement performance art piece that will be released one movement at a time until it is completed."

* new/mind/ritualz, artist's statement ~ CLICK HERE

* n/m/r (movement 1) ~ CLICK HERE

* n/m/r (extra video experiments) ~ CLICK HERE

* n/m/r (movement 2) ~ CLICK HERE

* n/m/r (movement 3) ~ CLICK HERE

* n/m/r (movement 4) ~ CLICK HERE

* n/m/r (movement 5) ~ CLICK HERE

n/m/r (movement 6)  CLICK HERE