photo by: carlos ramirez

photo by: carlos ramirez

Thursday, August 21, 2014

guanacaste cocoon ~ poem 7

dear friends ~ 
i wrote a small collection of poems last year (11 total) while living in the guanacaste region of costa rica's pacific coast. the collection is called, guanacaste cocoon
here is poem #7 for you. 

omg, today is so much lighter!

)*( … sometimes we still slip backwards down dee hill
because dee hill is icy ... )*(

* * * but let us give thanks now
(^ i do ^)
spaces reserved      and

daydreams wherein
for just a moment
it was me
and that hammerhead shark
freaking understanding each other perfectly.

photo by: harmony

Sunday, August 10, 2014


photo by: mirra kohlmoos

photo by: mirra kohlmoos

photo by: mirra kohlmoos

photo by: mirra kohlmoos

 photo by: mirra kohlmoos

Friday, May 23, 2014

interiority & self-care as sacred

" ... as though somehow looking within was a selfish/narcissitic thing to do ... but there is a version of interiority/inquiry that to me is a precursor to transcending the ego ... the ego needs to be developed in a self-knowledge way ... the more we know ourselves ... and art is an incredible way to get to know ourselves and to define what we care about, what we value, what we hate, what we enjoy, what we move away from, what we notice ... you know, artists are the sensitives of the culture, we're the priests and priestesses, the shamans ... so, the self-definition process ... to see it as a sacred process ... and the precursor to the eventual transcension of the self ...  it's really a sacred act to define yourself publicly." ~ Alanis Morissette

and from yoga goddess, elena brower: "When you are in the space of caring for yourself, fear and blame cannot thrive there. You are sacred, and caring for yourself is sacred action. And it’s the action that will teach the world how to treat you, and will remind you of your presence, and will help you stay close to the ground when it’s time to pray and when it’s time to forgive."

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


so, i heart flower*medicine. 

i grew up amongst wild prairie fields, i inhale satchels of lavender like a junkie, i dig the affects that i experience w/ flower essences, the majority of my tattoos are floral, i use roses and irises over and over in my performance art, i love the cooling feeling of rose water on my face and scalp,
i drink lots of magical loose teas that are flower-powered, and perhaps most excitingly, i've been informed by a gorgeous reiki master (tina lyon!) that in a past life, i sustained myself (nutritionally + spiritually) by nibbling palmfuls of flowers ~ what a gorgeous image this is, and one i return to envisioning when i need to feel reminded of my soul-lineage and magic. 

just last week, i began to understand and desire deeper work with flowers. the night after these thoughts began brewing, my b/f/f said the next day, "you should look into working with a florist." i'm on it! i have stuff to get through this week, but the hunt is on for early next, and my intention about learning in a flowery space is clear! so, arranging and designing is atop my list of new angles to learn w/ flowers, though i feel i will take to this quite naturally. *and* i feel excited about blending some of my own teas and using edible flowers more often @ home, just for general food-magic. 

check out this link below for a beautiful illustration 
of edible flowers,

i truly hope that flowers bring you joy and healing, too! 

... have a gorg day,

k *

 images taken by: janna o'shea in BK
creative copyright: ksw, 2010-forever.

Monday, April 28, 2014

processes: new/mind/ritualz

 a few weeks ago, i shared my artist's statement for new/mind/ritualz. to view it, click here. just today, i was able to conjure up this explanation about the project's further unfolding:

"i began working a month-ish+ ago on a memoir, called, babybutterflies ~ it's been really neat to be lead by it in the following ways, i mean, experience its morphing+clarity*building. it's actually become two projects. one project is the memoir itself, which really is a bunch of autobiographical essays on pertinent topics in my life. the other angle (or second tier of the project) is that these essays inspire smaller writings that are creative+funky+rap-like, and i'm sewing them into the body of my current performance art project, new/mind/ritualz. movement 1 of n/m/r consists of some old video footage from montauk last year; the old footage is becoming fused with new footage featuring the artist (me) as a strawberry*priestess. sounds will be recorded this week to place atop it all ~ these sounds are the ones referenced above ~ a little spoken word (story) informed by babybutterflies." 

it is not likely that i will share too much about "process" as this project is birthed. i prefer to let the art speak for itself, but for now, i do appreciate having archives (of my thoughts and how i'm being lead.) it is my hope that these writings resonate with fellow artist-friends. 

* * * update on 7.22.2014 ~ babybutteflies still very much informs new/mind/ritualz, but it most likely that babybutterflies will become a collection of poetry vs. a memoir-oriented (or confessional) document.

Monday, April 14, 2014


 i lovelovelovelovelove moon-magic. 
these moon-inspired words are so pertinent to me :::

"At this time, she's both the beginning and the end. You see her standing on the cusp, the medial woman straddling two worlds. One that is ending & one that is being birthed through her. She's free of the old. She's repaid her debt to her ancestors, grieved their losses, worked through the fears and wounds that was her inheritance. She's not holding, or passing on to her progeny, the fear based patterns of her ancestry. The only thing that's being passed on to her by her ancestors is their blessing. Her body is deeply relaxed. Her cellular structure & dna is opening up to the sacred circuitry of love. The old world order ends with her. Her body is ready as the holy vessel for birthing the new human. It is so because her sacred anatomy most matches the resonance of what is arriving ~ the marriage of the divine & human. She is in surrender that is deeper than she's ever felt before. She's ok being clue-less when there are no road-maps. Right now, she's pure mystery ~ in the final contraction of birthing. She's the mother giving birth, the child being born and also the midwife assisting the process.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

new/mind/ritualz statement

new/mind/ritualz is my largest performance art project to date; it launches this summer. here is my statement ~ a piece of me, a piece of the bigger picture. 


kellyshawwillman *

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

new/mind/ritualz is a 56-movement performance art piece that will be released one movement at a time until it is completed. some movements will be open to the public, while others will be documented in a more private setting by a single collaborator or altogether solo. as is true of performance art, the artist herself will be the primary medium.

the project's title alludes to a new “mind space” coming forth for the artist, a rebirth of sorts, but before the wholeness of this rebirth can be embodied, a little story-telling (from/of the past) comes first. new/mind/ritualz will ultimately explore memories, demonstrate moments of growth in the present, and invoke rituals of healing for the future.

each movement will vary in length and content, and will be documented through video, still images, and self-portraiture. ritual items will include, but are not limited to: strawberries, easter candy and eggs, roses, glitter, colorful water, 111 golden hummingbirds, 1,111 small open-faced boxes, corn kernels, children's barrettes, sponge animals in bulk, etc.

this project was conceived by kelly shaw willman. as each movement is completed, it will launch on her blog and facebook pages.

project & writing above © kelly shaw willman 2014-forever

still image from movement 1, by: max janoff

still image from movement 1, by: max janoff