foto: statia grossman, copyright 2016-forever

foto: statia grossman, copyright 2016-forever

Monday, July 18, 2016

in honor of my 34th birthday

little me

foto: jesse artavia

i identify as an experimental artist. in the depths of my being, i live for this work. most often, i express myself in abstracted, ritualistic, non-confessional ways.

"inner-beach," shot in brooklyn
foto: carlos ramirez

... what do we sense about each other without giving it all away with our words? 

i love feeling. 
i love seeing into
i love *knowing* without being told.
my womb guides me ~ 
intuition rises.

"new/mind/ritualz," shot in costa rica
foto: statia grossman

* * *

... lately, i have witnessed a lot of people being very brave. maybe though, it isn't so much about bravery as it is about necessity. the necessity of telling a story that demonstrates realness, triumph, and *hope* for a sweeter future.

in the wake of the orlando shooting, we speak up about what direction our world needs to move in. 


... and since writing these previous mini-paragraphs, there have been bombings at sites of worship ... alton sterling, philandro castile. more. 

nina simone said, "An artist's duty, as far as I believe, is to reflect on the times," and, "If you don't tell people how you feel, you're not going to get anywhere."


"new/mind/ritualz," shot in costa rica
foto: statia grossman

* * * 

speaking up (through my writing) does not have to mean that i am giving my mystery away. my experimental artistry doesn't have to be compromised. there will always be crevices within my inner-world that are solely mine ~

so sacred.

so shiny.

... filled with quiet things that make me smile to myself, giggle.

to clarify, speaking up about injustice in our world is not something i hesitate about now. however, speaking up about my own personal experiences in a more direct or conventional way is a challenge for me. so, art. 

ritual for oshun ~ foto: john pierpont

* * * 

i give thanks for art as a way of life.
i give thanks for art as an outlet.
i give thanks for art as a collaborative platform.

"grunge*quest" collab, brooklyn
foto: janna o'shea

and i give a lot of thought to the exploration of a new angle for myself ... perhaps telling stories more directly about my experiences, my healing, my struggles, my/our beauty, our capacity for re-birth. 

video diaries. years of research becoming public. 

vamos a ver.

i am in process. deciding.

foto: jesse artavia

* * * 

foto: jesse artavia

((( ... the energy of the medicine woman is one of balance. there are two sides. there is the nurturing wisdom-based side that shares healing with others, and there is the private side, which understands that not all recipes are to be divulged. 

i remembered this analogy recently, and it comforted me to know that this life, for me, is truly about balancing the cosmic-alien, highly spiritual, experimental artist self with the gloriously complex and gorgeous human self ...

light ~ dark.

quiet ~ loud.

introverted ~ extroverted.

telling ~ non-telling.

... and all the fluffy, funky, messy, sweet + wonderful in*between's. 

* * * 

foto: jesse artavia

as aforementioned, there are things happening in the world that cause great unrest in my spirit: young black men dying at the hand of atrocious continued injustices, centuries of warfare still unraveling, violence against women, mother earth's tender fight to be healthy, freaking american politics. 

... and on a personal level, i am going through a repeat phase of needing much hermitude. my thoughts, feelings, and needs deepen. being in public rarely makes sense, nor does being accessible for intimacy, nightlife ... 

this is a very personal time. 
spiritually, i am experiencing a shift. pivotal.

our world, i pray, is gearing up for a shift, too.

foto: krista abramoff

* * *

it is a strange time for our world ~

it really hurts as a whole, 

but let us not forget magic. sisterhood. accountability. friendship. honest and considerate communication. healing. support. speaking up. listening to the stories of others. a depth of connection to a life filled with ritual and nature. simplicity. sparkles. kittens. social change. strawberries. JUSTICE. SOCIAL JUSTICE. PEACE. flowers. chocolate. dancing. love letters. 


~ ~ ~ 

foto: statia grossman

foto: statia grossman

the choice to live in costa rica has allowed me much more space for interpersonal healing and deep spiritual work. when i recently moved to the caribbean side after years of mini pilgrimages here, things really ... got special ... 

about el caribe sur de CR :: what a treat it is to have landed in this magical land amongst a community of people working similarly on the betterment of self. i didn't know what i was walking into, and i am amazed on the daily; it's really neat to be home. (there is darkness, too ~ a topic 4 another day! just saying that it's not all bubblegum and rainbow*ponies!)

~ ~ ~ i do believe very much that if each individual in our world were to do this kind of *work,* this kind of *cleaning up* of our pasts and our less lovely actions, we could collectively transform, and more promptly. we can also learn, with grace, how to accept our humanness, u know?

from my "new/mind/ritualz" project
foto: statia grossman

i have been working on this birthday-inspired article for over a month. it flowed sometimes, i erased large angry chunks, and now i give it to you, in its imperfect but well*intended form. 

larger ouchy topics in the world lead me to think, feel, read*up, and educate myself more for all of us, but it also coaxed me to explore on a very personal level, which is evidenced in my words above, i think. 

STAY WOKE, friend, as erykah badu says. 

and stay tuned for near-future articles on the topics listed below. thank you for taking the time to read this.


kelly *

i will address the topics below, one at a time, through a "kelly-lens" = experiential learning transformed into words

EMPATHYliving as an empath, recent convos w/ girlfriends about empathy ~ i have some juicy quotes!, common misconceptions, the beauty of empathy

~ MEN: relationships, my personal relationship style, men and women from different cultures: the challenges, the intrigue
*** sub-topic: "how to treat a goddess 101"
*** how to command and accept the "goddess treatment" you deserve
*** the dark underbelly of the objectification of women ~ the particulars here in spanish culture require address

* THE DIVINE MASCULINE is a huge topic for me right now ~ go for it

* introduce FUTURE FEMINISMhow i personally practice, and why our world needs it

my favorite women artists: visually-centered

* living full-time in costa rica ~ my dreamy, magical, real, challenging, best, crazy, awesome, sun-kissed experience

34 years and one week ago

Monday, July 4, 2016

new/mind/ritualz (movement 9)

new/mind/ritualz is my on-going performance art project. 

today, i present movement 9 of 56 in the form of a few experimental fotos.

~ artist/model/conceptualization: kelly shaw willman
~ fotographer: jesse artavia, J-Art Photography
~ shared copyright: ksw y jesse, 2016-forever
location: ocotal // guanacaste // costa rica

~ vibez: the artist as hermit, the artist as partially inaccessible, re-charging and re-aligning, working with shadows, what lies beneath?

~ offering

when i do not feel at home : : :


do you see my memories? 

do you see where i will go? 

i am coming home soon.

~ project archiveHERE

Saturday, May 21, 2016

new/mind/ritualz (movement 8)

obscure offerings ~

* movement 8 of new/mind/ritualz grew darkly experimental. it took place in a special downstairs laboratory in costa rica, where nearby, the beach has black sands. an alien-girl explores concepts of juxtaposed "accessibility" meets "sometimes far-away gazes." ... upon completion of the project, alien-girl is surprised by how many fotos resemble the brooklyn basements in which she performed years back. ~ ~ ~ life-phases bump up against each other, remind. ... soft memories of moments with an ex, subtle pain in regard to a family member, but simultaneously ~ ~ ~ everything is waves y eventually, surrender.  

we arrive again.
full moon, sangre, re- ~ ~ ~ 

new/mind/ritualz is a 56-movement performance art project unfolding one movement at a time until it is completed. check out the archive HERE for an artist's statement and previous installments.

* fotos: jesse artavia of j-art photography
* concepts/styling/make-up: kelly shaw willman 
* project copyright 2016-forever, ksw 
* shared copyright w/ jesse 4 images, 2016-forever

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

kelly's golden rose ~ ETSY!!


CHECK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

foto: hai phung tran

foto: hai phung tran

foto: hai phung tran

foto: hai phung tran

foto: hai phung tran

foto: hai phung tran

Monday, May 16, 2016

new/mind/ritualz (movement 7)

new/mind/ritualz (movement 7) took place en el caribe sur de costa rica at a local beach that is most popularly inhabited by surfers and beach volleyball enthusiasts. ... collaborator boyd *z* stout and i brought some performance art to this very place around sunset some weeks back ...

before i dive in, please feel free to check out the archive for new/mind/ritualz. each movement that has been performed is available for you to view. there is also an artist's statement for the project, which i work to build upon, or, if you will, "coax to come true."

in brief, n/m/r is an on-going performance that demonstrates ritual-oriented story-telling one movement at a time. in total, there will be 56 movements.

archive: CLICK HERE

while briefly in playa ocotal, i warmed-up some concepts for what i wanted z and i to collaboratively bring to n/m/r 7. i knew i wanted to incorporate "veiled" moments, mirror-play, and additionally use iconography that is common throughout my work: colored water, glitter ...

thank u to lauren c. for taking pictures of this experiment, and to andrea p. for editing. #arenanegra

for the actual-actual performance, the one en el caribe, here are the images and a full-length video of z and i's collab. i do feel that fotos plus vid plus the real experience (for those who were able to be in the crowd) speaks for itself. a few sentiments i am able to give away, though, are these:

* collaborating was a really important element for me to bring into the project ... feminine and masculine energies interacting, teaching each other; it was good. i also feel soooo drawn to movement/dance these days, and z's incredible expertise in this area helped me to explore just this. #chiva #tuanis

* about myself i am learning to strengthen my own divine masculine - - - this performance gently opened the doors for me to do so. 

* as written in my artist's statement:

"new/mind/ritualz will ultimately explore memories, demonstrate moments of growth in the present, and invoke rituals of healing for the future." ... i assure you, z and i totally did these things. did u feel it? mmm, i did. 

#offeringz #holyvibez

thank u 4 spending time with my art ... me ~


kelly shaw willman *

foto: hai phung tran, pre-performance

foto: hai phung tran, pre-performance

foto: hai phung tran, pre-performance

foto: hai phung tran, pre-performance

foto: hai phung tran, pre-performance

foto: anet bono, editing: andrea prymek

foto: anet bono, editing: andrea prymek

foto: anet bono, editing: andrea prymek

foto: anet bono, editing: andrea prymek

foto: anet bono, editing: andrea prymek

foto: hai phung tran

:: video credit y gracias a hai phung tran ::