photo by: statia grossman

photo by: statia grossman

Saturday, August 29, 2015

darkne$$ collab w/ jesse

jesse artavia photography messaged me 2 work together after reading about my newfound (creative) obsession w/ darkness. we met in my casita, and then bloomed some aliens and ghosts. images/copyright: jesse artavia, model/artist: kelly shaw willman ~ #arteporvida


Friday, August 28, 2015


to express veryvery simply, b/c i am exhausted, light & dark live together. we cannot just be about rainbows and jellybeans, even though these two things are dope and preferred. darkness also requires attention, navigation. in the last three weeks, i have experienced myself moving into a very new phase of being. i prefer to be alone, privately exploring my art. when i am not alone, i am making art with collaborators in easeful + elevated spaces; this is good. anyway, i am obsessed with exploring "my dark side" right now, which (work with me) is well-lit in moments. i am not scared of it. i am not scared of change. i know what i have outgrown. i will keep believing in all of this. 

... here is an excerpt from DAZED MAG w/ NINJA of die antwoord ~ i share it b/c the whole damn thing is so resonant, speaking to the shadow-self, and how much power is born of "going there" ... "we tapped into that shadow-self shit – all that shit that I was too scared to say. I just started taking my filters away and saying anything and whatever the fuck I thought. Ninja was my shadow self and Yo-landi was Yo-landi’s shadow self. And then, as time went past, I was enjoying this shit so much that I was like, 'This is more me than me.' We worked on each other, but we didn’t know we were being autobiographical. It flipped both of us, we transformed into these new, hyper, upgraded versions of our old selves. I don’t even remember who I was before. Someone told me that overthinking kills fun, and we’re a lot more fun now."

here are some self-portraits and a vid that represent what's blooming, xx.



Thursday, August 27, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 20

8.28.15 ~

... "had a really good talk about **walking the goddess path** hoy con una amiga. i have been dealing w/ a lot of guilt in moments ~ and this comes from an **old place** ... and i know (in this present space) that i don't want to be the 111% sober yoga guru ... i feel often like i'm supposed to only be pure and **non-wild.** ... but what goddess, honestly, hasn't dealt in destruction to get to a better place? what goddess is not **all** things :: sweet, sexy, sloppy, fierce, sassy, protective, ass-whooping si necesario ... it is combined; it is full. ... so, i am beginning to accept this of myself ... b/c i have always had this wild side who wants to expre$$, and now, i reallyreallyreallyreally wanna play w/ darkness (fused so nicely w/ light, of course) ... and i want gold in my mouth and tattoos on the front of my throat ... so, yes. thinking of these things." ((~email excerpt to marissa))

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 19

8.21.15 ~

i am not an object but 4 art. 
leave me alone, 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

artist's interview ~ ELIZABETH BREESE, round 2!!

beth as "beehand" for my story, "the fruit forest." 
illustrated by: marissa arterberry

i am tickled pink to share with you my second artist's interview with dear friend, elizabeth breese. beth is primarily a poetess, quite published at that (!), and she also works a lot with paper arts, which is cool. beth grew up in wisconsin, resides in ohio, and is truly one of the smartest, funniest, most interesting women i know. for fun, here is my first interview with bee way back when ~ CLICK HERE. bethy, xo to you, and thanks for this delightful interview.

beth, by: lily glass

1. kelly :: girl, i miss you. you've always been such a source of intrigue to me. so smart. so honey-dipped. … wtf is going on with poetry these days? like, yours?

beth :: Wtf, is right! In terms of quantity, we’re talking a trickle of poetry right now. The work is very, very slow. I do a lot of thinking and percolating before actually sitting down to write. The physical writing (or typing) of a poem seems to be the shortest part of the process, kapow!, while the collecting, thinking, and noting is ongoing, never ending, just a train rumbling along in the distance. The kawpows are few and far between and that’s frustrating. I think if I developed a schedule, rather than writing when I felt ready, I’d have a lot more work to show. That said, I have been quite fond of the last few poems I’ve written. They seem to come out whole.

I think I’ve also become less persona driven and more language driven. It seems like if I ever have a motive or goal for a poem, it will be utterly terrible. Clunky. Sad. Deflated. If I can remind myself to return to the language, it can become magical. Open. Vibrant. Still, I’d say a few themes or ideas continue to surface naturally. Faith and the faithful (people who have faith in anything). Negative space (the valley of the mountain). Paper (artifacts of—, documents, origami).

beth's bunnies #origamilife

2.  kelly :: i'm really proud of you, because you're a published poet. what goals (and hopes) do you have for your poetry in the near future?

beth :: I think to write with more discipline and regularity would go a long way towards achieving my two really basic goals: get better and submit more. Maybe if I were more specific about my goals, I’d have a better chance of achieving them. "Get better" is a little low stakes, huh? Goal 1: get better goals.

3.  kelly :: it is my opinion that you have a really cool job. you are surrounded by beautiful things, inspiration. what do you learn there? tell the peeps about it a bit …  

so, this foto de beth drives me nutz! #lesigh #gorggg

beth :: I am super grateful for my job. I am the assistant manager of a stationery and gift shop in Columbus, Ohio. A big portion of my job is working with customers as they select/design their wedding invitations. It’s a really happy time in these peoples’ lives and I benefit from being around that energy. I also am fascinated by family dynamics, which are certainly on display during our appointments. I’m an avid people watcher.

4. kelly :: i love your presence on pinterest. you post of lot of woodland animal prints that are darling. you also post origami projects. what is it about woodland animals? and when did your interest in making origami art come about? i wonder, is it soothing to work with your hands on intricate things? 

beth :: Woodland creatures! I’m from Wisconsin and my mom is from the northwoods. We spent a lot of time at a cabin my grandpa built in the Nicolet National Forest. There were times when I found the woods really frightening and ominous, but the presence of diminutive, weensy fuzz balls is distracting and reassuring. They seem to have a playful energy, which is joyous to observe. I mean, everyday is Friday for a chipmunk. 

And, origami! I started doing it to quiet my mind after my dad passed away. Writing was absolutely too hard and I felt I really needed a hobby to pass the time. So, I attempted my first fold, "cormorant on a rock," at a crafternoon among friends and I’ve been folding ever since. My mind isn’t necessarily geared for origami—I mean I’m not a math person, so I go through a lot of paper—but it’s hugely satisfying to stick with a model and figure it out. Origami tessellations are my latest interest. I’m probably most proud of tackling a tessellated hexagon. 

dino origami by beth

5. k :: what's it like to have a man in your life who you love so much? 

b :: I should be effusive, but it’s not really my way to talk too much about lurv and romance (especially on the internet), but I do feel both safe and exhilarated and it’s a lovely combination. I often think how bizarre it is that we are both only children and our moms are, too. We’re going extinct. Pterodactyl love.

foto: lily glass

6.  k :: i know ireland is a special place to you. tell us about that.

b :: I like Ireland so much partly because it seems like sadness is such an accepted part of its history and culture. That resonates with me. I don’t have a sad history, per se, but I think my personality and emotional life tend toward the gloomy. 

7. k :: come vizzy me in costa rica sometime!! do you like to swim?

b :: DOY.  

8 .  k :: i think about money every day. you do too? what would you do with $20,000 if it came to you today?

b :: I do and I think that money would go straight to buying a house. I’m tired of sharing walls with strangers. And, a trip to Costa Rica.

9.  k :: what are you reading right now? what are you watching?

b :: I am reading and really, truly loving Mary Szybist’s "Incarnadine." It has been nourishing and refreshing. I say reading, because it’s the book I carry room to room and take with me on trips. I have already read it once, but I so enjoy opening to any page and reading what is there. I also have recently purchased and intend to read a book I’m really excited about—"The Paper Garden" by Molly Peacock. It’s nonfiction and is, I understand, about an elderly woman in the 1790’s whose grief essentially led her to art and the creation of over 900 botanically correct, cut paper flowers. (I’m basically copying the jacket of the book, so you know.) Anyway, I’m intrigued!

As for watching: it’s all M*A*S*H*, all the time right now. It strikes me as pretty ahead of its time. 

box of beth's origami

10. k :: have you tried out any new baking projects lately? do you have specialties?

b :: I haven’t tried anything new in a long time. I really enjoy baking muffins—they’re so wholesome. I really like the idea of using edible flowers and have made lavender muffins before. They were a delight. 

11. k :: bee, are you fluent in french? where did you learn it? you love it why?

b :: I feel at one time I wasn’t fluent, but quite conversant. It’s been a long, long time since I was able to practice/speak on a regular basis, so I’m so very rusty. I learned it at a French immersion camp in northern Minnesota. I’d go in the summer for a month at a time. It was everything summer camp was supposed to be: sunny, buggy, rustic, cheery, crafty. I think because of those summers, I had a certain nostalgia for French. I stuck with it because I had such fond memories of using it, though by the end of college I was definitely burned out.

dad and little beth

12.  k :: okay, please note that i am transitioning to a less playful topic. you lost your dad awhile back. you were very brave and open about it on social media and in letters/emails. has time been a healing salve for you? do you commune with him still on a daily basis somehow? i image so. 

b :: Just over three years ago—time is healing and bewildering. It seems impossible that I haven’t seen him or spoken with him in that long. I really resent the passage of time, it keeps taking him further away. At the same time, yes, I am grateful that the pain isn’t so acute. I sometimes speak out loud to him. I’ve left notes for him places. These are very literal ways of trying to speak with him and I don’t have the expectation that they “work,” except that it’s soothing to me. I think more than anything, I feel him with me. And not in a ghostly sense, but in the sense that he feels a part of me, an organ.

13. k :: what are 3 of your favorite memories of him that come to mind right off

b :: He would wake me for school by throwing "pillow bombs" on me. It made me so angry, but it was wonderful. 

He packed my lunch and would write letters from my dog and put them in my lunch box. Everyday. He started sending letters from this same dog (long deceased) when I moved away for graduate school. 

We played a game of tag in winter. I think we called it "fox and goose." We’d start by making little trails in the snow. Then, those were the only places you were allowed to run during the game. We’d sometimes get my nextdoor neighbor, Ben, who was also an only child, to join in. I was always really proud of how playful and fun my dad was.

14. k :: … another transition … what is your favorite arhia kohlmoos drawing? also, favorite painting?! do tell!

"Mind Mansion Mandala for Memory Meditation," 
artist: Arhia Kohlmoos

b :: I love her drawing "Mind Mansion Mandala for Memory Meditation." It reminds me of some children’s books that show cutaways of living spaces. It feels secretive and magical. Her painting "Lady with a Langur" is fantastic—her imagery and use of space feels centuries old, while the colors and whimsy feel timeless. She’s one of the most incredibly talented people I (sort of) know. I loved college, but realize from a distance that I wasn’t connected with a lot of people I would have truly enjoyed knowing. Arhia is one of those people.

"Lady with a Langur," artist: Arhia Kohlmoos

15.  k :: in closing, let's pretend we're going out on a dinner date in paris. what are we eating and drinking? and omg, let's be soooooo leisurely about it. i want to stay for at least two hours, beginning at dusk … then we go dancing …  

b :: Aren’t we eating tarts with sugared flowers for dinner? I’m not sure if you’re eating cheese, but I’m going to have an entire cheese plate for dessert. We’re certainly drinking champagne with petals floating in it.



Friday, August 14, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 18

8.14.2015 ~

horror movie sounds + glitter-gusts of 
freaking tight schedules and 
scratches. #newmoon


hey, y'all ~

sssoooo, keeping my word here and sharing how my indiegogo funds were spent today. 

first thing is first. 

i raised $1208 and some change. (gracias 4 that!)

indiegogo had two fees ~ one to use their forum and a "processing fee" too. after said fees were deducted, i was left with $1062.18

$250 was set aside for 2 reasons:

1. it will cost me about $60-$100 to have all supplies ship down here to costa rica. they arrive first at my b/f/f's place in the states and she will safely send them onward to me. we have what has been (thus far) a fool-proof system w/ the postal powers that be. my goodies should be here by mid-september, can't wait! (sidenote :: my brother has amazon prime, so i was able to ship for free to the u.s., the bead companies had free shipping, and i had free shipping on the majority of items i ordered through etsy, so no "doubling up" on shipping w/ your donation dollars.)

2. what remains after shipping will be used late in the year to purchase more jewelry-making supplies from my favorite online beading company. they have a killer "year-end" sale.

* fatty jewelry supply order from my favorite online company = $243.48

* petite jewelry supply order from my 2nd favorite online company = $64.13 

* = jewelry supplies and GoPro (for documenting performance art) ~ this supply item was listed as something i wanted in my "tier 1" budget.

* (jewelry supplies) = $121.77

* SJ weekend collaboration = $60 ~ next weekend, i will be in san josé for 2-3 days. while not initially on my budget, it makes a ton of sense for me to finally make this trip in the name of art. i will use $60 from indiegogo ~ whatever else i need will come out of pocket. i have a photo*shoot, will check out galleries/spaces for future collabs/shows, will meet several established artist*friends who will "show me the ropes" as i learn this lovely country's creative options, and i hope also to film a brief movement of my performance art project, "new/mind/ritualz." (another sidenote :: it would be a bonus to learn where to buy some of my future supplies in SJ, which i will ask about when there.)

* $1067.35 ~ just a few bucks over budget, ain't nothin'!

final notes :: while my focus with the $ raised was to get supplies for my small biz launch, i wanted also to keep tiers 2 and 3 of our indiegogo proposal "energized," if you will. tiers 2 and 3 focused on performance art projects and a solo art show. making this soon-trip to SJ will help me to move forward with both of these tiers, which somehow within 2016, i intend to share with you. lastly, things i will need to fund personally before the year is out = logo design & new business cards, website design, large storage totes for transporting merchandise, + office and shipping supplies.

thank you for supporting me. 

have a great weekend ~

k *