photo by: carlos ramirez

photo by: carlos ramirez

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

blow-out $ale$ on jewelry!!

 i make jewelry!! i currently have earrings & long beach-babe necklaces made!! great gifts for you & yours!! all month long, i will have a display set up at home, so if you're in my nook of costa rica, come on by to view it ~ message me through facebook or email: to make arrangements.

my aim is to get rid of my current collection so that i am able to wholly launch a kick-butt // elevated // more pristine collection after my kickstarter campaign has been completed. i have lots of new "next level" designs in mind, eee!!

currently, i use natural stones, crystals, swarovski, seed beads, & charms. i am also accepting bracelet, anklet, & fitted necklace orders ~ pay ahead & receive your order w/in 2 weeks ~ (i am waiting on my delivery of new clasps.) 

i will also bring my collection to coco a few times this month. let me know if you'd like me to come by your home, business, or event!! thank you to my community for your support!! 

my jewelry is also for sale at Ciao Bella Costa Rica!!

** if you live far away, you can view my collection through skype or email. i can offer a very affordable rate on shipping.

tengo aretes y collares en un estilo muy Ășnico!! puedes visitar mi casa si quieres comprar joyas a regalos!! hablamos!! gracias a mi comunidad por todo!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

n/m/r & bb ~ newzletter excerpts

... a few art updates from my recent newzletter ... 

"in other news: my performance art project, new/mind/ritualz, launched this last year. it will contain 56 total movements; one movement is thus far completed. i am excited to keep bringing n/m/r to life through processes that are organic, funky, real, and ritual-rich. click here to watch
also, i am writing a book, which i've been calling, babybutterflies. it is an experimental (art) memoir that combines essay-writing, story-telling, and poetry with performance art images, handwritten notes, and collages. bringing it to published form is a goal. i really believe in bb as a body of expression; it is intended to help others also, young women particularly, which feels really right."


k * 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


hola! here are a few paragraphs from my newzletter, which i sent out yesterday to my mailing list. i am STOKED to start campaigning in march-ish for my small business venture and performance art projects! here are some words to prep ya and pump ya up! xoxo, k *

"also, at some point in march-ish, i am launching an art campaign; this is my biggest news. my campaign is composed of 3 tiers, each one connected. please stay tuned for this project's launch, and know that any online share or repeated sharing (of the campaign video) helps in such a huge way

... accessing new faces, new fans, new supporters, as well as long-time supporters and old pals from school, is something that will contribute to "campaign success." i see campaigns have incredible success 4 any number of reasons, but one reason that remains primary = friends help friends to "pump-up the project" by talking about it repeatedly online. plz do! 
my good friend at youngblood productions ( is helping with the campaign vid; he is also a key part of the project's second tier ~ (hint: short performance art film in costa rica amongst waterfalls!) the amazing thing i've been considering is this: if each individual jason and i are combinédly connected to through social media donates the minimum-ish of $10, we'd be well on our way

... now, imagine if friends, patrons of the arts, businesses, etc. were just a smidge more generous, we're talking the sort of "campaign success" that allows an individual artist to really see their dream through, to lay the foundation for making creative-based income and for increasing productivity. 

my work is often collaborative, so this isn't just about me. i care to work with others i've met along the way always. in prepping for the campaign, i am already re-connecting with collaborators, which feels awesome, and i possess huge hope that new networks here in costa rica will continue to appear. giving art to communities in need of it and giving art and yoga lessons to kiddos is a goal also. #aspire #newlifephase #iwantit #workingartist #hollamami"

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 + 2015

i was spending another stretch of 90 days in costa rica shortly before 2014 hit, and for many nights while there, i dreamed of maps, airports, and shapes atop globes of the paths i would zigzag in coming months. these dreams scared me. i never wanted to leave the comfort of this country that kindly housed me. yet, my real-life plans were not quite attuned to thee “staying put.” the pertinent issue throughout this sharing resides for me in the following point, though: i started to have dreams that lent some significant access to what was ahead. my dreams also clued me in to what was happening with people i knew in the real-world ~ at times, it was freaky. too much. 

so, my dreams indicated that i would move around a lot in 2014, seize opportunities as they arose, and i did. i spent time back in brooklyn, then alaska, hollywood, washington state, and now again, costa rica. dream-talk aside, 2014 has been a really significant year insofar as spirit/inner-growth is concerned, and i know for sure that it will continue to be deep, often gorgeous, but sometimes awkward and painful. this growth, no matter its angles and phases, will always deliver me (you too!) home ... to a place of lighter lightness; somehow, this must always be true.

in 2014, i've known the letting go of friends, the forgiveness of friends, the letting go of lovers, the ridiculous and profound nature of karma, the “i'm maybe sorta being too hard on so and so,” the “but i'm not commanding the respect i deserve,” the discovery of new and resonant sister-artists, the often*looming relationship i had with anxiety, the difficulty i have in communicating w/ people i don't have a steadfast bond with, and therefore, a propensity for being misunderstood, new layers of my own bullshit, the continued release of my own bullshit, gentility as i examined my bullshit, and sometimes a defending of it, the removal of everyone from their perch on a pedestal, freaking heart*wrenching societal woes, etc. & etc. these acknowledgements and the processes that accompanied them, kinda pinched and tickled my heart all at once ~ it's been amazing, this mash-up of experiences. 

anyway, from the standpoint of cosmic science, we are entering into an incredibly powerful time. lots of my friends are speaking about it, sense it, create about it, and the verdict is in: all of this (2014 and everything that's come before) had to go down to clear the space for what comes. for those of living out our “big lives,” this is the time ~ welcome. 2015 is about respect and responsibility to oneself in each and every moment. we need not feel badly for who we are or who we have been. those who remain near are dear, for they see us, hear us, and allow us our depth. business rises. our heart rises. our consciousness rises. intuition deepens and remains the leader. our skills are widened. enjoy!

i want to now offer some of the main ideas i developed this past year and am still working on ~ in theory and in practice. in my book, babybutterflies, i am expressing my own truths in a pile of personal essays and magical stories, which are often about my past experiences. for me, learning from the past and telling its story is really important, and i still work to let go of this silly spiritual imposition that suggests we are doing something “wrong” for examining the past, for not living 111% of the time in some idealized state of nowness. being present is gorgeous, but in order to live in our presence wholly, we must examine what's come before and allow ourselves the healing processes of expressing it ~ at least, this is true for me.

i also wanted to make the point that expressing one's truth does not make them a jerk or a narcissist ~ seeking to tell a story and have someone else experience it with understanding, i believe, is something most humans want. additionally, having opinions and experiences that differ from the masses does mean that you are wrong or right or that you deserve to made an example of. it is not my job or yours to keep on protecting the bad guys by sittin' on your story.

… and lastly, the ever-hot topic of friendship, eeeeeeee! i tell myself and i tell you, it is okay to hope that others will listen to you in return; we deserve a good game of ping-pong! it is okay to let people go if they project onto you what they are unable to examine in themselves. it is okay to keep your circle selective, made of respectful people who help you when you're down as much as when you sparkle. also, you don't owe folks grand explanations about why you've moved on. it is always okay to protect your own wellness when an imbalance in a friendship or relationship occurs; you are not a judgmental bitch for doing so. lastly, simply understand that compatibility can shift, and this is okay, too. move forward together or in your very own spaceship ~ you'll know what to do.

… i saw 2014 before it came, in dreams, and i have lived it out. you have too if you are reading this! … a dramatic proclamation i know, but goodness, it got really real this last year, and i feel like we need to hug each other cuz of it. and on that note, have a freaking gorgeous new year, berries! do it your own way, as always ... enjoy these virtual xoxoxoxoxooooo's from me to you ~ ksw *

Thursday, December 25, 2014

lil' dream report

i had a really neat dream last night. 

... i was very high up in the air, suspended in "floating-flight" for awhile. i was in costa rica, the sky was starless, but somehow still bright. i was kinda just hovering, you know, and i felt a little fear for a moment ~ i imagined the impact of a fall, the end of this life, but such a fate was not delivered. 

... i flew high, and i flew with confidence. i was flying over a forest lush with colors, i recall. as the "flight scene" ended, get this: i saw a billboard that read, "" silly ending, but a very easeful and beautiful dream; i am grateful.

a deet that is interesting to me? :: i slept with a selenite wand in my hand. i've never been able to keep track of the crystals i crawl into bed with. i'll instead find them in the morning deep under a pillow or randomly amidst the sheets, but this morning, the wand was still in my hands ~ it hadn't budged. it kept me cleansed, balanced, and in flight all night long. 

this morning i feel rested. the wind is blowing a lot. 
i will head to the beach soon.


k *

* * * pictured above are selenite wands. when i am for any reason unable to burn sage (i am in someone else's house, i'm too lazy to go downstairs for a lighter, etc.) selenite serves to clear one's space and energy ~ a favorite of mine, and a necessity, too. * * *

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

11+ simple "mood transformers"

i joke about being a moody girl, but it's true ~ i am. you see, i was born a cancerian ~ by our very nature, we crabs need lots of alone-time to tend to our inner-world, a sphere that morphs as often as the tide. i am much better at managing my moods today vs. when i was in my 20's, btw ... but these deetz aside, i wanted to share 11+ easy ways to transform a yucky mood ~ these suggestions are for one and all ~ male/female/both/creature/cutie, etc.

1. feeling stuck in your head? EXERCISE! i was not having the best morning today, but i finally got myself on my yoga mat and soon after, out the door on a big uphill walk. the view from atop the mountain-road was worth it ~ ocean, clouds ... it doesn't matter where you exercise, though ~ simply do it. sweat, get your heart rate up, re-arrange your mood. it works!

2. give yourself a little break, but maybe after you've exercised, giggle! enjoy a low-impact, easy day if you can. watch your favorite movie from childhood, color, talk to your favorite kiddos, play with animals ... okay, this is like 4 suggestions, lol!

3. be in nature. take a dip. take your shoes off and walk on the moss or grass. be near trees, which serves to ground one's energy and thoughts.

4. listen to your freaking favorite music! i'd watch lizzo or erykah badu on youtube for at least an hour!

5. go through images of your favorite artists for inspiration and uplift. research a goddess or a topic that makes you feel excited about life. you could also consider a new hobby and look into it in your community.

6. make something for someone else. give it to them. write a love-letter. send it. doing for someone else is a healing activity; it will help you to remember that you are loved and capable of loving.

7. drink some tea ~ green and black teas are both good for increasing energy levels and giving your brain a little lift. i also find lately that ginkgo really helps me to "get over myself." buy a tincture and throw some back. ... if it's nighttime, enjoy some chamomile tea or melatonin for a restful sleep. you can start fresh in the morning. 

8. reach out to a dear friend. ask them to listen well when you speak about your day or your challenging mood. let them know what you need. "i just need to vent a bit, but i don't really need advice. please just hear me, dear."

9. surround yourself with good people who help you to feel whole and respected. if you notice that you're moody or angst-y when around certain people, maybe it's time to "take inventory" of who is contributing to your low-points. it is okay to be particular about who you share space and energy with ~ this remains a good lesson for me.

10. enjoy some alone-time. unplug. take a break from the computer, turn your phone off, and be present with yourself. soak in the tub!

11. dance. shake your booty. enjoy a glass of wine once you've calmed down. light a candle while you drink it, and remember that we get to start over again and again and again and again. and also remember, it is okay to be moody, sad, upset, etc. we are human. of course, most all of us prefer lightness, but it is important to sit with all of our emotions, to examine them, to forgive them, to let them be okay ~ after all, they aren't forever.

* bonus: sniff some lavender flowers or lavender oil ~ so calming!

* bonus: seriously, one of the best "mood transformers" i've EVER experienced is playing in the rain. do it!

* bonus: sit in the wind for a few moments. open your palms to it, and allow the energy of its shifting to move within you, to clear up your insides.


k *

Sunday, November 30, 2014

sneak-peak // intro

... "those who have a yoga practice or training in various healing modalities, ancient or more modern, know that there is this whole realm of 'non-speak.' you know this also if you are an artist, a mystic, a priestess, an empath, etc. my favorite band, cocorosie, sings, don't speak, i can hear you. breathe it in, please ~ these words are so gorgeous. for those of us practicing a more mystical approach to life and the art of 'self-study,' these lyrics likely strike you as quite special. while there is appropriateness in being more conventionally vocal or oriented with problem-solving and practicality, there is a golden vibe to life for those of us who dream, feel, and devote our high sensitivity to making beautiful things and beautiful connections, often wordless."

~ this is an excerpt from babybutterflies
an experimental art book by: 
kelly shaw willman, copyright 2014-forever. 

blue butterfly from roy's nature logbook on blogspot