photo by: statia grossman

photo by: statia grossman

Friday, July 31, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 16


video-diary of a runaway *
full (blue) moon lollipops *

also, i don't care if you two get married *
no reason to keep nothin' from me *

(prolly, u never 
    knew   how
dif thingz
be 4     me
                 here ~
 palm treez &
 mirrors,             visions.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 15

7.24.15 ~

the tightness of a town ~
   accepting,           not accepting,


Friday, July 17, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 14

7.17.15 ~ 

champagne in fieldz, a sister's birthday, juicy question$ about the redness. … i want 2 tell you ... i want 2 tell you.

i thought a lot yesterday about those 2 boyz in hollywood. i apologized wordlessly 2 them + others. little hang-ups? so much has changed.

do we risk the explanation?
^ (trusted circles) ^

kat von d was my neighbor 4 some months.

there are lots of moths recently.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 13

7.10.15 ~

sometimes speaking to butterflies, lizards, and 
air more than you ~
totally cool,
like birthday rain and jellybeans and 
love letters unsent, 
tucked away in books, 
later read on sofas. 
... the "ultimate want" means shifting 
actions around just a bit,
even though "certain actions"
only result 2x in practically 5-10 yearz.
pristine development?
pristine attraction = = =
holograms and corn tortillas and
electricity, mmm, that one time in brooklyn.
... a wild heart is wild after strange dreamz.
a wild heart is wild after staying put.
a wild heart is 33 and awakened by exposure
to majorly recent bull$hit.
good peepz don't use each other up.
honestly, we both know that even if you cried, you'd still cycle through the same patterns ~
fog out yo' mouth, not even "half-love" in your bed,
messing with mindz intentionally and taking $12, $1000.
i've never met such a sweet stuck shadow before.
what a pleasure to un-meet. 
to pry you off my shoe ~
barnacles are so much prettier; i paint them gold.
... "i've told you too much already."

Monday, July 6, 2015

new/mind/ritualz (movement 3)

movement 3 was performed initially as a solo experiment

movement 3 was performed initially as a solo experiment

movement 3 was performed initially as a solo-experiment

new/mind/ritualz launched in the spring of 2014; it is a 56-movement performance art piece that will be released one movement at a time until it is completed. 

the most recent movement can be viewed HERE
* plz note that the footage is unedited. 

movement 2 can be viewed HERE

movement 1 can be viewed HERE

artist's statement can be viewed HERE

note from the artist today: it is really important to me that i work with fellow artists to produce "next level" documents of my work, primarily as still (photographic) images and as video - - - either short films or music videos. archiving my work has always been very important, and i will continue to do so, but i must must must must bring the "quality" visions that i have in mind to the forefront. if our art campaign (see below) is funded, i can begin to move in a much more artful/professional direction. new/mind/ritualz isn't officially "on hold," but i will pursue it with a certain slowness until the right pieces are accessed - - - cameras, collaborators, etc. come forth if you'd like to work together; it is a prerequisite that you are able to see a project through to the end.


Friday, July 3, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 12

7.3.15 ~

gordo sings me the "mariposa song" every time we pass each other ~ sometimes he even plays air guitar to it. 

jorge has a good tooth and will take me to nica to get mine someday, jajajajaaajajaaaa! actually, i will go w/ thomas & vik 4 dat. 

anyway, fly on the wall? i'd love you there sometimes * 
(you & you & you, too.) 

also, a skunk was so cute, running, near the beach ~ 
"in observing the habits + patterns of skunk, it is easy to notice the playfulness and nonchalance of its natural behavior."

… nearly 33 now, new hiphop playlist, kind slumbering, el caribe nearz, & $804 landed like a sweet A$$ $pace$hip. #nitenite 

Friday, June 26, 2015

friday update de paraíso, 11

6.26.15 ~ 

"fuck my life in the best possible way," said the petite golden bee, "and i'll gift you a fishtank that isn't a fishtank." ~ ~ ~ (she saw a drowned butterfly, a thirsty moth.) . . . but it's okay . . . these symbolz r not freaky . . . somehow we'll always be alright. *