Sunday, July 9, 2017

35th b-day

foto de la artista by krista abramoff

it is my 35th b-day tomorrow.

i freaking love b-days ~

& will prolly celebrate for the next 99 days at least. :P

me on my 1st b*day w/ the ocean, north carolina

a few things, en serio, though ~ ~ ~ 

my on-going gofundme has been napping the last week+ ...

& i've decided 2 pump it up in honor of my b*day.

my next goal is 2 raise $200 more to pay my collaborator, 

mike, of THE GROW CULTURE ... 

to see my "media package vision" fully thru. 

in a short & sweet explanation, this means that i am able to share my story as an artist in the form of fotos & promo-style videos. 

my current mood, for fun. 

this material will allow me to take my social media game to the next levels ~

... to share my work thru high-quality footage of performance art rituals, primarily. 

^ being seen is important ^

i'm ready.

a bunch of folks donating smaller amounts ~ 

... $5-$11/each goes a long way ...

while larger-scale patronage helps me do bigger things, obvi. 

... like, paying 4 a website, 

getting back to nyc to film, 

getting started on my EP.

peek-a-boo, i luv u 

for the big picture, 

click here:

i am also offering a b-day $ALE 2 my online clients thru my etsy store.


enter the code: BDAY35 @ check-out 4 a 35% discount thru tomorrow.

(locally, i will give away one item in a drawing.)

i want nothing more 4 my b*day than to be celebrated 
4 what i do ~
make art. live as art. 

you can go so far as to $UPPORT by donating to my campaign.


kelly shaw willman, artista *

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