Friday, June 16, 2017

u don't have 2 look ~

iphone foto by statia, post-performance, brooklyn,
copyright 2 thee artists always.

u don't have 2 look @ my art, but if you do, thnx. 
xtra thnx if you genuinely support. :P :)

in the recent past, my artist's page on facebook ( reported, and in 6+ months of communicating with facebook about a broken link, i only got general responses from their team that didn't help me to re-store the page promptly.

today, i am dealing with a temporary block on all facebook pages (jewelry, art, and personal) because again, someone reported an art image of mine, or possibly the recent image that i re-shared of amber rose's, the top of her pussy exposed.

click here for a related amber rose article

p.s. none of my personal artwork (photos online) are fully nude except for on my blog, which comes now with a disclaimer. it's not clear to me to what extent fb is banning photos, or requesting their removal ~ those that allude to nudity?

so, because i cannot communicate on facebook right now except for messages, i wrote about this all on twitter (@kellyshawbunny) and will re-share in more depth here on my blog: 

* * *

my womb and my breath are perfectly calm as i write this, dear strawberry. i am not triggered in this moment, or generally anymore, by those who troll my work, my posts, my re-shares on social media. plz feel invited 2 un*friend, un*follow, not check*up on my blog ... if the reclamation of my body (nude, not nude) offends you. #mybodmyart #mychoice

original foto: krista abramoff of kelly shaw willman,
copyright to thee artists

performance art, thru its whole history, has contained nudity. for me personally, nude expression is the most vulnerable, beautiful, and fearless means of reclaiming how i am experienced as an artist. i invite you vs. impose on you, the viewing (or non-viewing) of said work ~ #yourchoice #getclearonthathomie

i am grateful to be in my 30's, cuz this "reporting of images," resulting in the subsequent block (temporary, it seems) from my advertising + posting online, doesn't personally offend me anymore, as it did in my 20's, when my life was almost always sore and crumbling. it's inconvenient tho!

(... you'd lead me to believe i was doing something wrong all the time ... i was not; i am not.)

self-portrait by kelly shaw willman, copyright always.

i choose to speak up for myself now, because it's taken all of this time ~

... to learn how to beto re*learn how to be ...
... to teach myself ... how to speak ... how to sing again ...
... how to accept the shadows, but live less in them ...
to love me fully. to know myself wholly. to be a boss.

i am again grateful, so grateful, that you (you know who) have helped to shape my personal foundation as solid ~ made of diamonds, rubies, and glitter.

i'm steady as *fok* even when i'm not steady.

~ and i've always chosen the *beauty*way* even on the darker day$ ~

also, i am reclaimed. straight up. #ritualritesofpassage #almost35

post-performance of kelly shaw willman by statia on iphone, 
brooklyn, copyright to thee artists always.

in loyalty to the work first and always ~

in gratitude for your respect ~

la artista, 

kelly shaw willman *

and again, plz don't look if my work offends, b/c all that i'm trying to do is grow my biz, my presence, my art, my heart ~ it's my right. 


  1. I love you, as a fellow performance artist, as a fellow trauma survivor, and as a fellow wild woman. The jungle goddess cannot be silenced, for she is untame. They may try to contain your body within the confines of rules and regulations; but your soul, spirit and voice will always burst forth even more flamboyant, even more sparkling, than before.


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